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Zulu Conquered: The March of the Red Soldiers, 1822-1888

Zulu Conquered: The March of the Red Soldiers, 1822-1888

The first Britons to reach Zululand were a handful of shipwrecked traders. They found themselves completely at the mercy of a nation whose name would become a byword for ferocity and courage. The castaways were fearful of their lives but, to their surprise, were well treated and prospered.

At the time, the Indian Ocean shoreline of the Zulu kingdom extended for almost 400 miles, whilst its inland frontiers reached as far as the Drakensberg mountains. Fifty years later the kingdom had diminished by half, followed by a threat that it would shortly cease to exist.

And so it was, in December 1878, as Cetshwayo ka Mpande, the Zulu king, contemplated the British ultimatum with which he knew it would be impossible to comply, he pondered on the past and with bitterness mused: ‘first came the traders, then came the missionaries and then came the red soldiers’. But British traders, missionaries and her red soldier army had been invidiously advancing into Zululand for decades, their every encounter and demand bringing the red soldiers closer to the Zulu army of 40,000 disciplined warriors – ‘the bravest of a brave nation’.

Zulu Conquered, with more than 90 vivid illustrations, describes the adventure, treachery and rampage that ensued between Zulu, Boer and Briton during the sixty years separating the arrival of the first white man to the destruction of the Zulu army, the death of King Cetshwayo and, finally, the devastation of Zululand.


“…describes the adventures, treachery, and rampages that ensued between native warriors, Boers and the British during the 60 year period from the arrival of the first white man to the destruction of the Zulu Army…a must read…”

Chapter 1. First Come the Traders

Chapter 2. The White Warriors

Chapter 3. Death of King Shaka

Chapter 4. Then Come the Missionaries

Chapter 5. Murder of the Voortrekkers

Chapter 6. Then Come the Red Soldiers

Chapter 7. The Battle of Port Natal

Chapter 8. The Colony and the Kingdom

Chapter 9. Coronation of a Zulu King

Chapter 10. Defeat and Disgrace

Chapter 11. Looking for a Good Excuse

Chapter 12. War to the Bitter End

Chapter 13. The End of a Kingdom


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