Military history

World War Two: History in an Hour

World War Two: History in an Hour

Lasting six years and a day, the Second World War saw the lives of millions – soldiers and civilians, young and old – changed forever. During the conflict, a thousand people died for each and every hour it lasted. With eighty-one of the world’s nations involved and affected in some way, this was war on a truly global scale.

Chapter 1. Germany Invades Poland: ‘This is how I deal with any European city’

Chapter 2. The Finnish–Soviet War: The ‘Winter War’

Chapter 3. The Norwegian Campaign: ‘Missed the bus’

Chapter 4. The Fall of France: ‘France has lost a battle but France has not lost the war’

Chapter 5. The Battle of Britain and the Blitz: ‘It can only end in annihilation for one of us’

Chapter 6. The Mediterranean: ‘One moment on a battlefield is worth a thousand years of peace’

Chapter 7. North Africa: ‘A great general’

Chapter 8. Germany’s Invasion of the Soviet Union: ‘The whole rotten structure will come crashing down’

Chapter 9. War in the Far East: ‘Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars’

Chapter 10. The Battles of Stalingrad and Kursk: The new field marshal

Chapter 11. The Holocaust: ‘The man with an iron heart’

Chapter 12. The Battle of the Atlantic: ‘The U-boat peril’

Chapter 13. The Big Three

Chapter 14. Italy Falls: ‘You are the most hated man in Italy’

Chapter 15. The Bomber Offensive: ‘My name is Meyer’

Chapter 16. The Normandy Invasion: D-Day

Chapter 17. France Free: ‘Liberated by her own people’

Chapter 18. Approach from the East: ‘For the good have fallen’

Chapter 19. The End of the War in Europe: The Death of a Corporal

Chapter 20. The End of the War in Japan: ‘Complete and utter destruction’

Appendix 1: Key Players

Appendix 2: Timeline of World War Two

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