Cherwell, Lord, 1886-1957

Cherwell solved the problem of aircraft spin in World War I when he applied his theory in solo flight. Born Frederick Alexander Lindemann, Lord Cherwell was a close personal friend of CHURCHILL and became known as ‘The Prof’ because of his training as a physicist. Taken from his professorial position at Oxford University to become a member of Churchill’s War Cabinet (Paymaster- General from 1942-45), Cherwell played an influential part in the direction of the war, one of the first scientists to do so. A strong-willed man whose opinions brooked no argument, Cherwell favored strategic bombing and insisted that all RAF strategy should be directed to that end, even at the expense of other war efforts. His judgment and opinions were often faulty but were proclaimed with such vigor that they were often upheld, even if incorrect. After the war he returned to his chair at Oxford University.

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