Burke, Captain Arleigh, 1901-

Burke was a US Navy Commander, one of the most able destroyer commanders. In July 1940 he served in the Bureau of Ordnance; however, in May 1943 he was transferred to the Solomons and given command of Destroyer Squadron 23, the ‘Little Beavers.’ He was involved in 22 combat engagements and the speed with which he could engage the Japanese led Vice-Admiral HALSEY to dub him ‘31 Knot Burke.’ He later served as Chief of Staff to Vice-Admiral MITSCHER at the Battle of the Philippine Sea and of Leyte Gulf. While he was on duty aboard the Bunker Hill off Okinawa, the ship was severely damaged. In July 1945 he returned to Washington to be head of the Research and Development Division of the Ordnance Bureau.

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