Vishinsky, Andrey, 1885-1955

From 1940 to 1949 Vishinsky was Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, MOLOTOV’s immediate subordinate. Initially a lawyer, he was a dedicated Stalinist, writing and speaking widely on STALIN’s legal theory and practice. In the 1930s he was public prosecutor at the notorious treason trials. As Deputy Minister his main concern was with the management of the governments of countries under Soviet domination. In June 1940 he organized a provisional government in Latvia to supervise the elections of a new regime there. He was Molotov’s spokesman on Soviet policy regarding Poland and announced during the Warsaw Uprising that Allied troops destined to aid Warsaw would not be allowed to use any Russian air bases, thus effectively preventing any help to the besieged city. In February 1945 Vishinsky pressured King MICHAEL of Rumania to dissolve Radescu’s all-party government and to replace it with the Communist government headed by Groza. From 1943 to 1945 Vishinsky was also the Soviet representative on the Allied Mediterranean Commission and he was present at the Yalta Conference in 1945. Throughout these years Vishinsky had Stalin’s complete confidence and reported back to him over Molotov’s head.

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