Tyulenev, General Ivan, 1892-

Tyulenev was General in charge of the defense of the Caucasus during the Germans’ July 1942-February 1943 campaign to break through to the Baku oilfields and to the Black Sea. He was sent to the Caucasus in October 1941 and began building the defensive fortifications which were to prove decisive. The Germans made spectacular advances throughout August and September 1942, driving the Russians back into the mountains, into excellent defensive positions. During the fall the Germans attempted three further offensives: Grozny in the east, Tuapse in the west and an attempt to cross three mountain passes to the Black Sea. All of these failed and in January 1943 Tyulenev, well supplied with fuel, men and bombers, was able to launch a counter-offensive on two fronts and drive the Germans out by February.

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