Tupolev, General Andrey, 1888-1972

Tupolev was an outstanding Russian aircraft designer. In 1936 he produced two planes: the TB-3 (ANT-6), a four- engined, long range heavy bomber which could carry a two ton load and strike deep into enemy territory; and the SB-2 (ANT- 40) an all-metal light bomber with a maximum speed of 250 mph. The latter was a very popular plane which was first used in the Spanish Civil War. Tupolev’s projects were part of the new Russian emphasis on bombers. By the end of 1936, 60 percent of the VVS (Red Air Force) were bombers. In 1938 Tupolev was arrested and while in prison he produced the TU-2, a dive bomber which was mass-produced during the war. He went on to design passenger planes and torpedo launchers.

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