Truman, Harry, 1884-1972

A Senator from Missouri at the outbreak of World War II, Truman was asked to chair the Senate Special Committee to investigate the National Defense Program which was under suspicion of misappropriation of funds and misallocation of contracts. Although many were against the formation of this committee, General MARSHAL and others were so outspokenly in its favor that it was convened. With tact and care Truman saved the country millions of dollars with very few scandals as the problems were solved with a minimum of publicity. In 1944 he became Vice-President in ROOSEVELT’s government and became President immediately upon the death of Roosevelt in April 1945. At first he relied heavily on Roosevelt’s advisers but soon replaced them with Cabinet members of his own choosing. He continued to pursue Roosevelt’s policies including the organizing of the San Francisco Conference to outline the United Nations Charter at the end of April 1945. Truman also had to confront STALIN regarding the latter’s treatment of Poland. Truman sent Harry HOPKINS on a mission to Moscow to negotiate with Stalin about this negation of the Yalta Agreement but the meetings were unsatisfactory. In July 1945 Truman, CHURCHILL and Stalin met at the Potsdam Conference and Stalin stubbornly confirmed his intention to continue with his Poland policy. On the return journey from Potsdam Truman announced his determination to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on the 6 August 1945 to insure the speedy completion of the Pacific War. He continued as President for a further seven years.

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