Treskow, Major General Henning von, 1901-1944

Treskow was a leading member of the German resistance to HITLER and a participant in two attempts to assassinate the Fuhrer. In March 1943 as Chief of Staff to KLUGE on the Eastern Front, Treskow and his coconspirator Fabian von Schlabrendorff managed to smuggle a bomb filled with plastic explosives onto Hitler’s plane during one of his rare visits to the Russian Front. Unfortunately the bomb did not detonate, but Schlabrendorff was able to retrieve the parcel which contained it. The plot was never discovered.

Treskow then took a leading part in the development of the Valkyrie Plan. This was the plan to mobilize anti-Hitler military men and form a joint military and civilian government after the successful assassination of Hitler. This assassination, the object of the July Plot of 1944, again failed and Treskow upon hearing the news of its failure committed suicide by walking into the Russian line of fire.

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