Tokyo Rose (Mrs Iva Ikuko Toguri d’Aquino), 1916-

Throughout the war Tokyo Rose made propaganda broadcasts attempting to demoralize the Allied troops in the East. Speaking in a bright and sexy voice she would tell the troops about Japan’s successes and imminent victory, about how easy and pleasant life was at home and about how the girls they had left behind were busy getting themselves other men. These remarks would be interspersed with light music. Tokyo Rose was an American citizen with Japanese parents. She had a degree from UCLA in zoology. She had been visiting a sick relative in Japan when the war broke out and chose to join the Japanese Broadcasting Company rather than be conscripted into factory work. She was trained in broadcasting by an American POW. In 1948 she was sentenced to 10 years in jail and a $10,000 fine for treason. Mrs d’Aquino is now living in Chicago and still denies being Tokyo Rose. She was pardoned by President Ford in January 1977.

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