Streicher, Julius, 1885-1946

Streicher was one of the most violent and crude Jew-baiters of the Nazi Party. His career began when he helped to found the Nuremberg German Socialist Party immediately following World War I. This party was a major rival of HITLER’s fledgling National Socialist Party until Streicher was persuaded by Hitler to change sides with a large body of supporters. Hitler was extremely grateful for this and remained loyal to Streicher for the rest of his life. Streicher played a role in the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 and in the same year founded Der Sturmer which he edited until 1943. This paper had a semi-official status and specialized in the most scurrilous and pornographic sensationalism, mainly directed against Jews and Communists. In 1935 Streicher staged the Nuremberg rallies.

Though dedicated to Hitler and always protected by him, Streicher was too corrupt and disreputable to be given high government posts. In 1940 he was tried and found guilty of misappropriating confiscated Jewish property. Streicher was removed from his position as Gauleiter of Franconia, but Hitler allowed him to spend the duration of the war on his farm. Streicher was tried for war crimes after the war, was found guilty and executed.

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