Bernadotte, Count Folke, 1895-1948

Bernadotte was the nephew of Gustavus V of Sweden and Vice-Chairman of the Swedish Red Cross. Using his position he was able to arrange the exchange of sick and disabled German and British prisoners at Gothenburg in October 1943 and again in September 1944. In February 1945 Bernadotte arranged for the transfer of Danish and Norwegian political prisoners and came into contact with HIMMLER. Himmler decided to approach him with terms to make a settlement with the Allies. On the night of 23-24 April 1945 Himmler proposed surrender to the Western Allies on the condition that the war against the USSR would continue. Bernadotte agreed to transmit the terms but the Allies rejected the proposal. Bernadotte returned on 27 April and told Himmler that the Allies had turned him down. He published his account of this episode in The Curtain Falls.

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