Ramsay, Admiral Sir Bertram Home, 1883-1945

As Flag Officer at Dover in 1940, Ramsay organized the evacuation of soldiers from Dunkirk. Ramsay was an expert in amphibious operations at every level. In 1942 he was appointed Naval Force Commander for the invasion of Europe but was transferred in July to command the Algerian landings in North Africa which began in November of that year. In July 1943 he prepared the amphibious landings in Sicily as Naval Commanding Officer, Eastern Task Force. In 1944 he was appointed Naval Commander in Chief for Operation Overlord, much to EISENHOWER’s relief as he thought Ramsay an exceptionally able Commander. Operation Overlord officially began on 6 June 1944 and one million soldiers disembarked on the coast of France, a marvelous testimony to Ramsay’s ingenuity. His next project involved the invasion of the Isle of Walcheren. On 2 January 1945 Ramsay was on his way to meet MONTGOMERY in Brussels when his plane crashed killing all hands. Ramsay was a brilliant Admiral who commanded the respect, of both his superiors and his men.

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