Peter II, King of Yugoslavia, 1923-1970

Peter ruled through his Regent, Prince PAUL, from 1934 until SIMOVIC’s coup of 27 March 1941 which placed Peter on the throne. The coup was a reaction to Paul’s collaborationist policy with the Nazis, embodied in a pact with the Axis signed on 25 March. However Germany invaded on 6 April and all resistance collapsed within two weeks. Peter and his government went to Athens and then to London where they spent the duration of the war. Peter supported the nonCommunist guerrilla force in Yugoslavia called the Cetniks, which were led by MIHAJLOVIC. The Allies, however, seeing that the Cetniks spent most of their time fighting other partisans and collaborating with the Germans, supported TITO’s partisans. Peter was therefore a diminishing force in Yugoslav and Allied affairs. Peter bowed to the inevitable and signed an agreement with Tito on 1 November 1944 which involved representing himself through a Regency council. However Tito declared a Republic on 29 November 1945 and Peter never returned to his country.

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