Papagos, General Alexander, 1883-1955

Papagos was the Commander in Chief of the Greek Army on 28 October 1940 when the Italians invaded Greece from Albania. He repelled the attack and sent the Italians back to Albania. The Allies instructed General WAVELL to send large reinforcements to help Papagos. At a joint meeting between the Greek and British military leaders it was agreed to defend the Aliakmon Line on 22 February 1941 but a week later the British, under Anthony EDEN, found that Papagos and his Army had not withdrawn to the Aliakmon Line but were waiting to see what position Yugoslavia was going to take. On 9 March the Italians attacked and in early April the Germans arrived to reinforce them. The British-Greek Armies were forced to retreat. On 21 April General Tsolacoglou had overthrown Papagos and by 27 April Greece was under German control. Papagos was taken to Dachau concentration camp as a hostage in 1943 and was freed by the Americans in 1945. He returned to his original position as Commander in Chief to wage war against the left-wing guerrillas in northern Greece in the years immediately following World War II.

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