Morrison, Herbert, 1888-1965

Morrison was a member of CHURCHILL’s Cabinet throughout the war, first as Minister of Supply and then simultaneously as Home Secretary and Minister of Home Security.

In 1939 Morrison was a leading member of the London County Council and chairman of its General Purposes and its Civil Defense Committees. He was also a leader of the Labour Opposition in Parliament and was responsible for the ‘No-confidence’ motion which felled CHAMBERLAIN’s government on 8 May 1940. Churchill then made Morrison Minister of Supply in his new government with special emphasis on securing raw materials. In October 1940 he was made Home Secretary and Minister of Home Security. Morrison organized the National Fire Service and a system of fire watching, the Civil Defense and the Home Guard. As Home Secretary he had to take responsibility for decisions regarding censorship of news and internment and arrest of suspected enemies of the state. In January 1945 he played a large part in organizing and giving direction to the Labour election campaign. The new government adopted his proposals on nationalization, health and education.

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