Khrushchev, Nikita, 1894-1973

During the war Khrushchev served as a Political Commissar on various fronts and his duty was to keep an eye on the military and make sure they obeyed STALIN’s orders. As Marshal BUDENNY’s Political Commissar on the Southwest Front in June 1941 he witnessed the failure of the massed Red Armies to subdue the Germans. Khrushchev had strict orders not to allow valuable industrial installations to fall into the hands of the Germans and dismantled as much equipment as possible and sent it east. He also blew up the Dniepr Dam and effectively disrupted all industrial activity in the Ukraine. He saw the fall of both Budenny and TIMOSHENKO for incompetence but their replacement, YEREMENKO, finally managed to reverse the trend of German victories. Khrushchev built up a good relationship with Yeremenko which continued after the war. In 1944 Khrushchev served on the 1st Ukrainian Front and undertook purges in the Ukraine so he could build a solid power base for the future political struggles.

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