Juin, Marshal Alphonse Pierre, 1888-1967

Juin graduated from St Cyr Military Academy at the top of his class, a class which also claimed Charles DE GAULLE as a member. In 1940 while leading a Division of the French 1st Army, Juin was captured but was released at the special request of PETAIN. He was offered the position of Minister of War in the Vichy government but turned it down accepting instead the position of Commander in Chief in North Africa replacing WEYGAND. Disillusioned with the Vichy government he enthusiastically joined the Allies in November 1942 and distinguished himself in North Africa against ROMMEL and in Italy against KESSELRING who held Juin in high esteem as a military commander. In 1944 he became Chief of Staff of the French National Defense Committee. He helped to liberate France and was posthumously appointed Marshal of France by de Gaulle.

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