Hodges, General Courtney Hicks, 1887-1966

An expert in infantry warfare, Hodges was Chief of Intelligence in 1941-42 but was commissioned to lead the X Army Corps late in 1942. Promoted to Lieutenant General of the 3rd Army in 1943, he soon was appointed by EISENHOWER to be Deputy to BRADLEY, Commander of the US 1st Army, which was preparing for the invasion of Europe. When in 1944 the Normandy forces were joined together into the 12th Army Group under Bradley, Hodges took over full command of the US 1st Army. He breached the Siegfried Line, captured Aachen and helped in winning the Battle of the Bulge by holding the northern half of the American line. His Army captured the bridge at Remagen and helped to encircle the Ruhr. When Germany fell he led his troops to the Pacific where they helped to capture Okinawa. Although not one of the most famous American commanders, Hodges was perhaps one of the best.

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