Harmon, Major General Millard, 1888-1945

Harmon was an American Army officer who commanded land and air forces in the Pacific during the war. Before the war he had acted as military and air adviser to the HARRIMAN mission in England. From July 1941 to January 1942 he was Commander of the 2nd Air Force and then in June 1942 he was given command of US non-naval forces in the South Pacific. His troops took part in the fierce fighting on Guadalcanal and Harmon was made Vice-Admiral HALSEY’s Deputy. He directed air offensives and in July 1944 was made Commander of USAAF for the whole of the Pacific Ocean area. He introduced the tactic of flying bombers at a low altitude so that they could improve their accuracy in hitting targets. He was lost and presumed dead in 1945 when his plane disappeared on a routine flight.

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