Hacha, President Emil, 1872-1945

After the Munich Agreement President BENES of Czechoslovakia resigned and in November 1938 Hacha was elected President. He was an international jurist with little political experience but the Czech people hoped that he would be able to deal with HITLER. He was given emergency powers by the National Assembly and uneasy relations with Germany lingered for several months. In March 1939 Hacha was summoned by Hitler to Germany and there broke down under pressure from the Fuhrer and GOERING. The Wehrmacht occupied Bohemia and Moravia on 15 March 1939 and von NEURATH was appointed Reich Protector of the provinces. The Protector had administrative control of the country but Hacha was retained as a puppet: he was powerless. After the war he was charged with high treason but died in prison before he could be tried.

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