Badoglio, Field Marshal Pietro, 1871-1956

Badoglio was an Italian Field Marshal and a veteran of Italy’s colonial wars having fought in the disastrous campaign of 1896 in Ethipia and in that of 1911-12 against Turkey in Libya. Badoglio made a considerable reputation for himself during World War I in the fighting against the Austrians on the Isonzo where he planned and executed the capture of Monte Sabotino in August 1916. He negotiated the armistice at the end of the war. He was their Chief of Staff after the war, governor of Libya 1928-33, commanded the army which annexed Ethiopia in 1935-6 and subsequently became Viceroy of Ethiopia. He was re-appointed Chief of Staff on Italy’s entry into World War II but resigned on the failure of the invasion of Greece in December 1940. Long an opponent of MUSSOLINI, he was the principal instigator of the dictator’s downfall in 1943 and signed the armistice with the Allies in September. He became the first Prime Minister of the antiFascist government.

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