Gibson, Wing Commander Guy, 1918-1944

Gibson led one of the war’s most spectacular bombing attacks in World War II. In May 1943 he was given command of the special squadron No 617 which was formed to drop Sir Barnes WALLIS’ special bouncing bomb on the surface of dams in Germany. He had eighteen Lancaster bombers which he divided into three squadrons. Gibson led No I Squadron on the most important mission to attack the Mohne and Eder Dams. Gibson was the first to approach the dam on a very narrow and difficult flight path and although he dropped his bomb accurately, the dam held. It was only on the fifth attempt that the Mohne dam was breached. The survivors of this raid proceeded home but Gibson led the three bombers which still had their load intact to the Eder dam which was breached on the last attempt. Eight bombers were lost on this mission and Gibson was awarded a Victoria Cross for his bravery and skill. After a rest during which Gibson wrote a book on his experience, he returned to active command but was killed when returning after a mission to the Netherlands in September 1944.

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