Frank, Anne, 1929-1945

Anne Frank is known to millions because of the record she left of her experience of the war. In her diary she described how her family and some friends lived in an attic from July 1942, when they feared they might be sent to concentration camps because of their Jewish origins, until they were discovered by the Gestapo in August 1944. The family was hiding in rooms above Mr Frank’s office which was busy during the day: thus the occupants of the attic could not make a sound during working hours. She wrote her diary in the form of letters to an imaginary friend, Kitty, and in it she described the difficulties of living as a family in the cramped conditions and falling in love with the boy, Petr, who was also trapped. After their arrest Anne and her sister Margot were sent to Belsen where they died of typhus two months before the Liberation. After the war the only survivor of the family, Anne’s father, returned to the attic where he discovered her diary on the floor. Her diary has been published in many languages and the stage version has been performed around the world.

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