Fergusson, Major Bernard, 1911-1980

Fergusson was one of General WINGATE’s Column Commanders in Burma. He first met Wingate in Palestine where he served as a junior intelligence officer and after various appointments in the Middle East and India, joined the Chindits expedition in 1942. The first expedition set out to damage Japanese communications in the Burmese jungle and his column destroyed a viaduct but was then stranded on a sandbank in the middle of the Schweli River. His men had to wade across the river which was nearly six feet deep and fight the strong current: 46 men were left behind or died. On the second Chindit expedition Fergusson commanded the 16th Infantry Brigade and marched overland from Assam in February 1944 to arrive near Indaw by mid-March where they sustained heavy losses. After the war Fergusson was made Director of Combined Operations.

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