Dill, Field Marshal Sir John Greer, 1881-1944

An outstanding and popular member of the British Army, Dill served as Director of Military Operations and Commandant of the Staff College before the outbreak of World War II. In 1939 he commanded I Corps in France. In October of that year he was promoted to General and in April 1940 he returned from France as Vice-CIGS (Chief of Imperial General Staff) only to succeed IRONSIDE as CIGS in May. A cautious man at all times. Dill advised restraint, a policy at odds with CHURCHILL’s more-impulsive nature. Suffering from overwork and nervous strain Dill became a Field Marshal in November 1941 and was replaced as CIGS by Alan BROOK in December. He accompanied Churchill to Washington where he remained as Head of the British Joint Staff Mission. In the US he enjoyed total diplomatic and personal success and his relationship with the Americans was so favorable that they arranged for him to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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