Cooper, Alfred Duff, 1890-1954

Cooper was a British minister who worked for Anglo-French understanding during the war. Cooper had been First Lord of the Admiralty from 1937-38 but had resigned in a disagreement over CHAMBERLAIN’s Munich policy. In the back benches Cooper joined the CHURCHILL- EDEN group in their criticism of Chamberlain’s government. When Churchill became Prime Minister Cooper became Minister of Information but was unpopular and uncomfortable in this post. To cite but one example, his security-tightening measures during the period were dubbed ‘Cooper’s Snoopers’ by the press. He was appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and in August 1941 was sent to Singapore to examine British defense measures. After Pearl Harbor he was appointed resident Cabinet Minister in the Far East. He returned and in October 1942 became British representative on the French Committee of Liberation. He had a good relationship with the French and worked hard for a treaty of alliance between the UK and France.

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