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Voices From The Korean War: Personal Accounts Of Those Who Served

Voices From The Korean War: Personal Accounts Of Those Who Served

"Voices from the Korean War" follows the soldiers as they trek and fly over the mountainous terrain of the Korean peninsula. Through these eyewitness accounts, hear a soldier describe what happened to a small group of North Korean villagers who refused to divulge their location. Listen in as a wounded soldier tells a flight nurse the story of how he was rescued by American soldiers as he lay wounded in a North Korean home. Learn how some prisoners of war walked their imaginary dogs to irritate their captors.

Book I - June 1950 thru June 1951

George Weidensall

Dr. Raymond Fish

Richard “Dick” Franklin

Joseph Marlett

Harold Selley

George Porter

Robert “Bob” Bouterse

Fred Connolly

Richard “Joe” Johannes

Jack Anderson

Dillon Staas

Lloyd Paul Summers

Robert “BJ” Johnson

Carroll Everist

Joseph Lloyd Wosser, Jr.

Eric Hanney

Tom Enos

Forrest O’Neal

Victor Shepherd

Robert Harbula

Jack Chapman

Rex Raymond

Robert Grass

Brooks Outland

Janice Feagin Britton

Charles Toole

Douglas Voss

Mario “Tony” Faiella

Raymond Cesaretti

Floyd E. “Gene” Combs

Donald Thomas

John “Rick” Kennedy

Byron Dickerson

Donald E. Barton

Ernest Everett Edge

John Ebnet

Delbert Rice

Fred Redmon

William McCraney

Richard Esser

Howard Camp

Rexford Glass

Raymond Reilley

Book II - July 1951 thru June 1952

David Lopez

Charles Bracey

Albert Field

Kenneth Flynn

Donald Degood

Otto White

Alfred Eckhart

George DeSha

Morton “Pete” Wood, Jr.

Anthony “Tony” Gurule’

Marvin Totland

David Hughes

Stanley Grogan

Calvin Harwick

Melbourne Leroy Rogers

Mark Pease

Paul Elkins

Dr. William Latham

Roger Lueckenhoff

Dick Thune

Kenneth Whitehouse

Book III - July 1952 thru July 1953

John Delaney

Robert Bickmeyer

Peter Beauchamp

Ronald Hale

Charles Klenklen

Dr. John Laura

Chuck Gibbs

Jerry Cunningham

Donald “Hank” Nicol

William “Bill” Warren

Gordon Southern

Donald Albert

Clyde Corsaro

Wayne Pelkey

Robert Ericson

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