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Tigers At War

Tigers At War

This unique volume combines the book Tiger I In Combat with a facsimile of the original German wartime crew manual for the Tiger tank, the Tigerfibel. This overview draws on a wide variety of primary source accounts of the Tiger I in action from both the Allied and the German perspective. Rare photographs, technical drawings and contemporary reports of the Tiger in combat help to set aside the myths and bring the reality into focus. General Heinz Guderian authorised the publication of the Tigerfibel from 1943 onwards. This highly unorthodox publication was full of risqué drawings and humorous illustrations and was designed to convey complex battlefield instructions in a simple and memorable manner. The manual contains everything the reader could ever wish to know concerning how the crews were instructed to handle the Tiger I under combat conditions. The Tigerfibel contains detailed instructions on aiming, firing, ammunition and close combat. There are extensive sections on maintenance, driving, radio operation and the essentials of commanding a Tiger I in combat. This book contains the original German publication with a complete English translation, new overview and introduction by Emmy Award winning historian Bob Carruthers. Highly accessible, this book is essential and rewarding reading for all readers interested in the history of the Tiger I.


Chapter 1. Production of the Tiger

Chapter 2. Operational Status

Chapter 3. The Development Process

Chapter 4. The Unpleasant Surprise

Chapter 5. Deployment

Chapter 6. The Mechanics of the Tiger I

Chapter 7. Production History

Chapter 8. Design Features

Chapter 9. Getting to the Battlefield

Chapter 10. Mobility

Chapter 11. Tiger Recovery

Chapter 12. Tiger Colour Schemes

Chapter 13. Design Review

Chapter 14. Production Run Modifications

Chapter 15. Combat History

Chapter 16. Road Marches

Chapter 17. Tactical Organisation

Chapter 18. The Russian View

Chapter 19. Tiger Aces

Chapter 20. Tigerphobia

Chapter 21. Inside the Tiger

Chapter 22. “Yank” Magazine

Chapter 23. Tiger I Tanks in Sicily

Chapter 24. Armour and Armament

Chapter 25. The Two Extremes

Chapter 26. The British Response

Chapter 27. Tiger I Tanks in Normandy

Chapter 28. The Soviet Response

Chapter 29. Tigers in Italy

Chapter 30. Tank Losses

Chapter 31. Notable Variants

Chapter 32. The End of the Tiger

Chapter 33. Introduction to the Tigerfibel and Translation Notes

Chapter 34. The Tigerfibel

Chapter 35. Tank Identification

Chapter 36. Older Designs Only Rarely Expected To Be Seen

Chapter 37. For Official Use Only! Do not let fall in enemy hands!

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