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This Hallowed Ground: The story of the Union Side of the Civil War

This Hallowed Ground: The story of the Union Side of the Civil War

This fascinating book tells the story of the Civil War as seen from the Union side. Through his brilliant and stirring narrative, Bruce Catton conveys the human aspect of history and translates meticulously researched historical fact into an absorbing chronicle of the war. This Hallowed Ground deals with the entire scope of the Civil War from the months of unrest and hysteria that led to Fort Sumter to the days of tragedy and hope that followed Appomattox. Along with the author, readers will relive the shock and shell and glory of the war. The true greatness of this book, however, lies in Catton's deeply moving analysis of the issues, and his search for the true meaning of the conflict.

Chapter 1. The Hurricane Comes Later

Chapter 2. Not to Be Ended Quickly

Chapter 3. Men Who Shaped the War

Chapter 4. To March to Terrible Music

Chapter 5. A Long War Ahead

Chapter 6. Turning Point

Chapter 7. I See No End

Chapter 8. Swing of the Pendulum

Chapter 9. The Trees and the River

Chapter 10. Last of the Might-Have-Beens

Chapter 11. And Keep Moving On

Chapter 12. We Will Not Cease

Chapter 13. Twilight and Victory



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