Military history

The Second World War

The Second World War

Praised as “the best military historian of our generation” by Tom Clancy, John Keegan here reconsiders his masterful study of World War II, The Second World War, with a new foreword. Keegan examines each theater of the war, focusing on five crucial battles and offering new insights into the distinctive methods and motivations of modern warfare. In eloquent, perceptive analyses of the airborne battle of Crete, the carrier battle of Midway, the tank battle of Falaise, the city battle of Berlin, and the amphibious battle of Okinawa, Keegan illuminates the strategic dilemmas faced by the leaders and the consequences of their decisions on the fighting men and the course of the war as a whole.


Chapter 1. Every Man a Soldier

Chapter 2. Fomenting World War

Part I - THE WAR IN THE WEST 1940-1943

Chapter 3. The Triumph of Blitzkrieg

Chapter 4. Air Battle: The Battle of Britain

Chapter 5. War Supply and the Battle of the Atlantic

Part II - THE WAR IN THE EAST 1941-1943

Chapter 6. Hitler’s Strategic Dilemma

Chapter 7. Securing the Eastern Springboard

Chapter 8. Airborne Battle: Crete

Chapter 9. Barbarossa

Chapter 10. War Production

Chapter 11. Crimean Summer, Stalingrad Winter


Chapter 12. Tojo’s Strategic Dilemma

Chapter 13. From Pearl Harbor to Midway

Chapter 14. Carrier Battle: Midway

Chapter 15. Occupation and Repression

Chapter 16. The War for the Islands

Part IV - THE WAR IN THE WEST 1940-1945

Chapter 17. Churchill’s Strategic Dilemma

Chapter 18. Three Wars in Africa

Chapter 19. Italy and the Balkans

Chapter 20. Overlord

Chapter 21. Tank Battle: Falaise

Chapter 22. Strategic Bombing

Chapter 23. The Ardennes and the Rhine

Part V - THE WAR IN THE EAST 1943-1945

Chapter 24. Stalin’s Strategic Dilemma

Chapter 25. Kursk and the Recapture of Western Russia

Chapter 26. Resistance and Espionage

Chapter 27. The Vistula and the Danube

Chapter 28. City Battle: The Siege of Berlin

Part VI - THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC 1943-1945

Chapter 29. Roosevelt’s Strategic Dilemma

Chapter 30. Japan’s Defeat in the South

Chapter 31. Amphibious Battle: Okinawa

Chapter 32. Super-weapons and the Defeat of Japan


Chapter 33. The Legacy of the Second World War


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