Military history

The Making of the Atomic Bomb

The Making of the Atomic Bomb

The author recounts the story of how the atomic bomb was developed, from the discovery at the turn of century of the vast energy locked inside the atom, to the dropping of the first bombs on Japan during the Second World War.

Foreword to the 25th Anniversary Edition

Part One: Profound and Necessary Truth

Chapter 1. Moonshine

Chapter 2. Atoms and Void

Chapter 3. TVi

Chapter 4. The Long Grave Already Dug

Chapter 5. Men from Mars

Chapter 6. Machines

Chapter 7. Exodus

Chapter 8. Stirring and Digging

Chapter 9. An Extensive Burst

Part Two: A Peculiar Sovereignty

Chapter 10. Neutrons

Chapter 11. Cross Sections

Chapter 12. A Communication from Britain

Chapter 13. The New World

Chapter 14. Physics and Desert Country

Chapter 15. Different Animals

Chapter 16. Revelations

Chapter 17. The Evils of This Time

Part Three: Life and Death

Chapter 18. Trinity

Chapter 19. Tongues of Fire

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