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The Vietnam War: History in an Hour

The Vietnam War: History in an Hour

The most important Cold War-era conflict, fought between the United States and the Viet Cong, the Vietnam People’s Army and their Communist allies. It was one of the most traumatic military conflicts America has ever been involved in – and provoked a backlash of anti-war protests at home.

Here are the key events leading up to the Vietnam War, the deadly guerrilla warfare of the Viet Cong, the domestic anti-war movement and the fall of Saigon.


Chapter 1. The First Indochina War and the End of French Rule

Chapter 2. Eisenhower and Vietnam

Chapter 3. Building South Vietnam, 1954–63

Chapter 4. JFK and US Escalation

Chapter 5. Lyndon Johnson: From Assassination to Americanization

Chapter 6. The Tet Offensive

Chapter 7. Nixon: Peace with Honour?

Chapter 8. US Military Strategy

Chapter 9. Domestic Opposition to the War

Chapter 10. North Vietnam and the Viet Cong

Appendix 1: Key Players

Timeline of the Vietnam War