Regional Maps

1 Germany

2 The Ruhr

3 Germany from the Elbe to the Oder

4 Eastern Germany, East Prussia, Poland and the Baltic States

5 Western Russia

6 France

7 Holland

8 Great Britain

9 The Thames Valley

10 London

11 Northern Italy

12 Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia

13 The Mediterranean

14 The Egyptian–Libyan border

15 The Dodecanese Islands

16 Southern Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece and Crete

17 Scandinavia and the Baltic

18 The Arctic Convoys

19 The Atlantic Ocean

20 East Africa and the Middle East

21 The Indian Ocean

22 Burma, Indo-China and China

23 The Philippines and the Dutch East Indies

24 Japan

25 The United States

26 The Eastern Seaboard of the United States

27 The Pacific Ocean

28 New Guinea and the Solomon Islands

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