Appendix one


This is in the form as originally published in the Final Report.

Tuesday 12 June: The party assembled at 9 a.m. at MAP, Stratton Street, for transport by car to Northolt. On arrival, customs formalities were cleared and the Jeeps loaded into the aircraft, but unfavourable weather prevented a start being made until 2.15 p.m. Aircraft landed at Bückeburg in heavy rain at 4.30 p.m., but we were not allowed to leave aircraft there, and were asked to fly on to Würnsdorf, about 25 miles away. Delays with transport and heavy rain. Arrived at 2nd TAF Headquarters, Bad Eilsen, at 9.30 p.m. After dinner discussed programme of itinerary with RAF Liaison Officers. Drove on to 2nd Army Group Headquarters, Bad Oeynhausen for the night, where good arrangements were made.

Wednesday 13 June: Party went to Army Group Headquarters for instructions, and permits and decided to drive to LFA Völkenrode, Brunswick [Braunschweig] leaving the aircraft. Obtained additional Dodge lorry for luggage. This plan proved to be unsatisfactory, as party could have flown to Brunswick direct. Many delays owing to bridges broken down, and portions of the autobahn being damaged by bombing. Journey took almost the whole day and we arrived at RAF Headquarters, LFA, at 4.30 p.m. Billeted in Brunswick in American quarters for the night.

Thursday 14 June: All day at LFA Laboratories. General tour of premises and interrogation of scientists. Billeted for the night with RAF at the Laboratory Guest House.

Friday 15 June: Spent all day at LFA Laboratories, including tour of wind tunnels and Engine Laboratory. Took off from LFA aerodrome for Kassel at 7.15 p.m, a distance of 80 miles. Billeted at an American Intelligence Centre, Camp Dentine, 15 miles outside Kassel. Arrived 10.00 p.m.

Saturday 16 June: Party split; one aeroplane flew to Oschersleben, and then by Jeep to Magdeburg, where a tour was made of the Junkers Jet Engine Factory. The other machine went to Göttingen, where the party visited the Laboratories, and made arrangements for Professor Prandtl and his colleagues to be available for interrogation next day. Returned to Camp Dentine for the night.

Sunday 17 June: The whole party went by road to Göttingen. A tour was made of the Laboratories, and several scientists were interrogated. A very satisfactory day. Returned to Camp Dentine for the night.

Monday 18 June: The party was split in two. One aeroplane flew to Köthen and its party went on to Dassau by road to interview technicians at the Junkers works, while the other party went by road to Eisenach to study the BMW Jet Engine Works. Returned to Camp Dentine for the night.

Tuesday 19 June: The party was split again, one aeroplane flying direct to Nordhausen, and then on to Munich, and the other flying to Öschersleben. Thence the party travelled by car to Stassfurt to examine an underground BMW Jet Plant, and afterwards on to Nordhausen to rejoin their aircraft, and returned to Kassel. Party at Camp Dentine for the night.

Wednesday 20 June: One aircraft took off from Kassel early and flew to Munich, and the whole party spent the afternoon at the BMW Engine Works. Billeted with American 3rd Army Intelligence Centre at Freising, 18 miles outside Munich.

Thursday 21 June: Party divided, some going by road to Rosenheim to inspect the BMW Rocket Development and then on to Kolbermoor to inspect the Heinkel-Hirth Jet Development. One aircraft flew to Frankfurt and Öschersleben and the other to Mengen, whence one party went by road to Lindau to get passes for the Stuttgart area. Returned to Freising for the night.

Friday 22 June: One aircraft returned from Öschersleben to Munich. The party was again split, one group going by road from Freising to Oberammergau with one of the BMW engineers, to visit Messerschmitt Experimental Department, and to investigate Jet Engine Installation, while some remained at Munich and others flew to Stuttgart to visit the Bosch works. All returned to Freising for the night.

Saturday 23 June: The party was again split, some remaining at BMW Munich, while others flew to Frankfurt, inspected certain factories, and went to SHAEF Headquarters. Aircraft returned to Munich. Another section flew to Stuttgart and proceeded by road to Esslingen and Reuthlingen before returning to Munich. Party divided for the night between Freising and Frankfurt.

Sunday 24 June: One party left Frankfurt at 9.30 a.m., flew to Munich and spent the morning at BMW. The other aircraft flew to Frankfurt and the party spent the night there. In the afternoon the Munich party flew to Salzburg, and returned to Freising for the night.

Monday 25 June: The party was again divided, some going by road to outlying factories near Munich, and also to Schloss Pullach, while others were in Frankfurt making investigations. One aircraft was away at Völkenrode and the other flew to Frankfurt for the night, arriving at 6.50 p.m. One section of the party went to Wiesbaden by road to get passes. All the Mission spent the night at SHAEF, Frankfurt, except one party which was at Völkenrode, on its way back to England.

Tuesday 26 June: The greater part of the Mission were in Frankfurt during the morning, while one machine was on its way to England from Völkenrode. The second machine returned to England via Brussels, on the evening of the 26th, arriving at Northolt at 6.45 p.m. Certain members of the Mission were left over in Germany for special duties, by arrangement with Sir Arthur Tedder, Acting Supreme Commander, until 2 July.

Wednesday 27 June: One machine returned from Odiham to Frankfurt. Visits made in the neighbourhood of Frankfurt, including Heddernheim and Kasselborn.

Thursday 28 June: The machine returned from Frankfurt to Northolt with those members of the mission who had been on visits in that area. This left Mr Stern and Fl/Lt Beeton in Germany on special duties.

Saturday 30 June: The machine which had arrived at Northolt on the evening of the 26th flew back from Odiham to Munich to pick up the two members of the mission still in Germany.

Sunday 1 July: Aircraft, with Mr Stern and Fl/Lt Beeton and Mr Bruckmann of BMW, flew to Salzburg.

Monday 2 – Wednesday 4 July: Party went by road from Salzburg to Spittal and Klagenfurt (crossing the Bavarian Alps), a distance of 125 miles, the aircraft having been unable to land there owing to bad weather.

Tuesday 3 July: Aircraft arrived at Klagenfurt, to link up with the party.

Wednesday 4 July: Aircraft flew from Klagenfurt to Munich and, after a further visit to BMW, returned to England, arriving Northolt at 6 p.m. and subsequently proceeded to Odiham.

Tuesday 17 – Wednesday 25 July: Four members of the Mission paid a further visit to Germany making Freising their headquarters, in order to witness certain tests on the High Altitude Test Bench at BMW, Munich, and also paid further visits to LFA Völkenrode. Göttingen, Stuttgart, Kochel, etc.

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