AIT Advanced Individual Training

AK-47 standard Communist 7.62mm automatic rifle

Amtrac LVTP5 amphibious tractor

AO Area of Operations

Arty artillery

ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam

Birddog O-1E observation plane

BLT Battalion Landing Team

Blueline a stream or river

C&C Command-and-control helicopter used by commanders to supervise field activities

CAR15 shortened, all-metal version of the M16 5.56mm automatic rifle

CAS Close Air Support

C-4 plastic explosive

Chicom Chinese Communist (usually refers to enemy hand grenade)

Chinook CH-47 transport helicopter

Claymore aboveground antipersonnel mine

CO Commanding Officer

CP Command Post

Crusader Navy A-7 jet fighter-bomber

DHCB Dong Ha Combat Base

DMZ Demilitarized Zone, dividing line between North and South Vietnam on the 17th parallel

E-tool Entrenching tool, military term for a collapsible shovel

FAC Forward Air Controller

FO Forward Observer

FSB Fire Support Base

H&S Headquarters & Service Company

HE High Explosive

HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company

HST Helicopter Support Team

Huey nickname for the UH-1 series of helicopter

Illum illumination round or rounds

KIA Killed In Action

Kit Carson scout Communist soldier who defected to the allies and volunteered to serve with U.S. units as a scout interpreter

Laager nickname for a unit’s night defensive position

LAW 66mm Light Antitank Weapon

LCU Landing Craft, Utility LD Line of Departure

LIB Light Infantry Brigade

LP Listening Post LZ Landing Zone

M14 nonstandard U.S. 7.62mm automatic rifle

M16 standard U.S. 5.56mm automatic rifle

M60 standard U.S. 7.62mm machine gun

M79 standard U. S. 40mm grenade launcher

MAB Marine Amphibious Brigade

MAF Marine Amphibious Force

MAW Marine Aircraft Wing

MIA Missing In Action

Monitor LCM-6 gunboat with revolving turret

NCO Noncommissioned Officer NVA North Vietnamese Army

OCS Officer Candidate School

OP Observation Post

Opcon Operational Control

Otter M76 amphibious tracked vehicle

Phantom F-4 jet fighter-bomber

RPD standard Communist 7.62mm light machine gun

RPG Rocket-Propelled Grenade

RTO Radiotelephone Operator

S1 personnel officer

S2 intelligence officer

S3 operations officer

S4 logistics officer

Sea Horse CH-34 helicopter (Korean War vintage)

Sea Knight CH-46 transport helicopter

Sea Stallion CH-53 transport helicopter

Sitrep Situation report

Skimmer nickname for the fourteen-foot assault boats used by the Marines (they were made of fiberglass and had 35-horsepower Mercury outboard motors)

SKS Communist rifle

Skyhawk A-4 jet attack-bomber

SLF Special Landing Force

Spooky AC-47 gunship

TacAir Tactical Air Support

TAOR Tactical Area of Responsibility

TF Task Force

TOT Time On Target (method of artillery fire involving several batteries firing on the same target at the same time)

VC Viet Cong

Ville village

WIA Wounded In Action

WP White Phosphorus (“Willie Pete”)

XO executive officer

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