AAA: Anti-aircraft Artillery

A&E: Accident and Emergency

AH: attack helicopter

AK-47: assault rifle

ANA: Afghan National Army

ANP: Afghan National Police

Apache: attack helicopter

A-10: US close-air-support jet

Bastion/Camp Bastion: the main British base in Helmand


BDA: battle damage assessment

bergen: rucksack

BFBS: British Forces Broadcasting Service

Black Hawk: US utility helicopter

blue on blue: friendly fire

BRF: brigade recce force

B1s/B1Bs: US bomber aircraft

cam: camouflage

CAS: close air support

Chinook: support helicopter

CIMIC: Civil Military Co-operation

Civvy: civilian

Claymore: directional anti-personnel mine

CMT: combat medical technician

comms: communications

contact: fire-fight between rival forces

CO: commanding officer

CP: command post

C/S: call sign

CSE: Combined Services Entertainment

DA: duty aviator

DFC: Distinguished Flying Cross

DPM: disruptive pattern material

DSM: Distinguished Service Medal

Dushka: Soviet-made heavy machine gun

D&V: diarrhoea and vomiting

FAC: forward air controller

FOB: forward operating base

FOO: forward observation officer

FPM: force provost marshal

Friendlies: troops fighting on the same side

FSG: Fire Support Group

FST: Fire Support Team

GMG: grenade machine-gun

GMLRS: guided multiple launch rocket system

GMPG: general-purpose machine-gun

GPD: general police duties

GPS: global positioning system

Harrier: UK close-air-support aircraft

Hercules: transport aircraft

HLS: helicopter landing site

HQ: headquarters

HRF: Helmand Reaction Force

IDP: internally displaced people

IED: improvised explosive device

ILAW: interim light anti-tank weapon

int: intelligence

IRT: Incident Response Team

ISAF: International Security Assistance Force

ISTAR: intelligence, surveillance, target, acquisition and


Javelin: anti-tank missile

JTAC: joint terminal air controller

K: kilometre

LMG: light machine gun

LOE: limit of exploitation

LS: landing site

MC: Military Cross

MC: multiple commander

MERT: medical emergency response team

MFC: mortar fire controller

MID: Mentioned In Dispatches

mini-gun: six-barrelled Gatling-style gun

minimi: light machine-gun

MoD: Ministry of Defence

MOG: Manoeuvre Outreach Group

MPS: Military Provost Service

M60: machine-gun (US)

NCO: non-commissioned officer

net: radio network

OC: officer commanding

ODP: operating-department practitioner

OMLT: Operational Mentor Liaison Team

op: military operation

OP: observation post

PB: patrol base

Pinzgauer: armoured vehicle

PKM: machine-gun (Russian)

Predator: unmanned aircraft

PsyOps: Psychological Operations

QBO: quick battle order

QGM: Queen's Gallantry Medal

QM: Quartermaster

QRF: Quick Reaction Force

RC: regional command

replen: replenishment

RHA: Royal Horse Artillery

RMP: Royal Military Police

RPG: rocket-propelled grenade

RQMS: Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant

RSM: regimental sergeant major

RSOI: reception, staging and onward integration

RTA: road traffic accident

RV: rendezvous

R&R: rest and recuperation

sangar: small fortified position

Saxon: armoured vehicle

SA80: assault rifle

shura: meeting

SF: Special Forces

SIB: Special Investigations Branch

sit rep: situation report

Snatch: lightly armoured Land Rover

TA: Territorial Army

tac: tactical group on the ground

TADS: targeting acquisition designating sight

TIC: troops in contact

TQ: theatre qualification

TSM: troop sergeant major

T1: critically injured casualty

T2: seriously injured casualty

T3: walking wounded casualty

T4: dead casualty

UAV: unmanned aerial vehicle

UGL: underslung grenade launcher

U/S: unserviceable

USL: under-slung loads

Viking: tracked armoured protected vehicle

wadi: riverbed

Warrior: mini tank

WMIK: armed Land Rover

WO: warrant officer

WRAC: Women's Royal Army Corps

YTS: Youth Training Scheme

2IC: second in command

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