Military history

A Short History of World War II

A Short History of World War II

Despite the numerous books on World War II, until now there has been no one-volume survey that was both objective and comprehensive. Previous volumes have usually been written from an exclusively British or American point of view, or have ignored the important causes and consequences of the War.

Part I: Prologue

Chapter 1. Peace and Rearmament

Chapter 2. The European Democracies

Chapter 3. The Revisionist States

Chapter 4. The Unknown Quantities

Chapter 5. The Prewar Series of Crises

Part II: The Expanding War

Chapter 6. Blitzkrieg in Poland

Chapter 7. Northern Adventures

Chapter 8. The Fall of France

Chapter 9. The Battle of Britain

Chapter 10. The United States and the War

Chapter 11. The Battle of the Atlantic

Chapter 12. War in the Mediterranean

Chapter 13. The Invasion of Russia

Chapter 14. Japan and the Road to Pearl Harbor

Part III: “The Hour When Earth’s Foundations Fled…”

Chapter 15. Allied Conferences and Plans

Chapter 16. Occupied Europe

Chapter 17. The Japanese Offensives in the Pacific

Chapter 18. The Battles for North Africa

Chapter 19. Crisis in Russia

Chapter 20. Allied Strategic Problems: Upgrading the Pacific

Chapter 21. The European Resistance Movements

Chapter 22. The Strategic Bombing Campaign

Part IV: Toward The Elusive Victory

Chapter 23. The Collapse and Invasion of Italy

Chapter 24. The Normandy Invasion and the Campaign of France

Chapter 25. Winning in the Pacific

Chapter 26. The Collapse of Germany

Chapter 27. The Collapse of Japan

Chapter 28. Winning and Losing

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