Military history

Russia Military Power Report 2017

Russia Military Power Report 2017

Author Keith William Nolan is an acclaimed chronicler of the American soldier and marine in Vietnam. Here he recounts the 7th Marine Regiment and the 196th Brigade of the Army's "Americal" Division battle with North Vietnamese southwest of Da Nang in 1969. Nolan not only covers combat operations, but also reflects the larger issues of drug abuse, racism, and shifting morality in American society.


Introduction/Historical Overview

Russian National Military Overview

Military Doctrine And Strategy

Core Russian Military Capabilities

Outlook: A Modernizing Force

Appendix A: Russian Strategic Rocket Forces

Appendix B: Russian Ground Forces

Appendix C: Russian Aerospace Forces

Appendix D: Russian Navy

Appendix E: Russian Special Operations Forces

Appendix F: Russian Intelligence Services

Appendix G: Defense Industry and Modernization Programs

Appendix H: Arms Sales


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