Military history

Roman Warfare (Cassell History of Warfare)

Roman Warfare (Cassell History of Warfare)

The Romans built perhaps the greatest empire of all time, forged with an unequaled skill in warfare. Accompany these unparalleled troops from the conquest of Italy thru to world conquest. Watch as defeated armies became allies & future Roman soldiers. Consider the irony of extreme brutality & repression leading to peace & prosperity. All the techniques & the organization of this amazingly advanced fighting force come into focus, from the emphasis on drills to its superior technology & complex bureaucracy.



Introduction - To Overcome the Proud in War

Chapter 1 - Early Rome and the Conquest of Italy

The Republic

Chapter 2 - The Wars with Carthage and the Hellenistic Kingdoms

The Roman army in the mid Republic

The army in battle

The First Punic War and naval warfare

Land warfare against Carthage and the Hellenistic world

Chapter 3 - World Conquest 202 BC—AD 14

Northern Italy


The rise of the professional army

The Great Conquests

The last phase of Roman expansion

Chapter 4 - Controlling the World ad 14-193

The army of the Principate

Training and tactics

Rome and Parthia

Pax Romana

The frontiers

Chapter 5 - Crisis and Reform

Civil Wars and Usurpations

The late Roman army

Barbarians and the western Empire

Sassanid Persia and the East

Disaster at Adrianople

Chapter 6 - Collapse in the West, Recovery in the East

The End of the Empire




Biographies and Primary Sources

Further Reading

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