Military history

Bibliography and a note on sources

The literature of the north-west Europe campaign in general and of Normandy in particular is vast. I have omitted many battlefield reminiscences, together with the invaluable regimental and divisional histories which are available for almost every British and American formation mentioned in the text. I have also left out a number of books whose accuracy has been the subject of such severe strictures as to make them of doubtful value to students of the period. I am deeply indebted to all those men, British, American and German, who have lent me contemporary letters, diaries, and narratives.

I have learned much about contemporary attitudes to the campaign from the files of The Times, the New York Times, the Daily Express and Picture Post, for whom my father served as war correspondent in Normandy. For this as for other books of mine, I must acknowledge the generosity of David Irving in lending documents and files he had assembled for his own researches. Among original sources which have proved especially valuable, I must mention Current Notes From Overseas, the weekly British tactical pamphlet circulated to unit commanding officers; the diaries of General Carl Spaatz, General Hoyt Vandenberg, Captain H. C. Butcher; the papers of Sir John Grigg; copies of papers pertaining to General Walter Bedell Smith, General Everett Hughes, Air-Marshal J. M. Robb, General George Patton, General Raymond Barker held in the Eisenhower Library; the personal diary of Brigadier N. Elliott Rodger, Chief of Staff II (Canadian) Corps; the superb after-action reports of US units in France; and of course, the SHAEF, War Office and War Department files in the US National Archive and the Public Records Office in London.

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