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Okinawa: The Last Battle of World War II

Okinawa: The Last Battle of World War II

Former Marine and Pacific War veteran Robert Leckie tells the story of the invasion of Okinawa, the closing battle of World War II. Leckie is a skilled military historian, mixing battle strategy and analysis with portraits of the men who fought on both sides to give the reader a complete account of the invasion. Lasting 83 days and surpassing D-Day in both troops and material used, the Battle of Okinawa was a decisive victory for the Allies, and a huge blow to Japan. In this stirring and readable account, Leckie provides a complete picture of the battle and its context in the larger war.

Chapter 1. Why Okinawa?

Chapter 2. Japan at Bay

Chapter 3. The Divine Wind

Chapter 4. The Japanese Samurai

Chapter 5. First Blood for America

Chapter 6. Kamikaze Strike / Franklin’s Ordeal

Chapter 7. The “Americans”

Chapter 8. Love Day

Chapter 9. The Marines Overrun the North

Chapter 10. “Floating Chrysanthemums”

Chapter 11. Fiery Failure at Kakazu Ridge

Chapter 12. Back to Banzai!

Chapter 13. Kikusui 2: Kamikaze Crucible

Chapter 14. Uncle Sam: Logistics Magician

Chapter 15. Hodge’s Hurricane Attack Hurled Back

Chapter 16. Outer Line Cracked / ushijima Retreats

Chapter 17. Kamikaze Bases Scourged / Kikusui 4

Chapter 18. Last Gasp of the Samurai Cho

Chapter 19. Minatoga: A Missed Opportunity

Chapter 20. May: Rain, Mud, Blood - and Breakthrough!

Chapter 21. Ushijima Retreats Again

Chapter 22. Chrysanthemums Die in Sea and Sky

Chapter 23. Ushijima’s Last Stand

Chapter 24. A Samurai Farewell

Epilogue: The Value of Okinawa

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