Appendix B

Glossary of Codenames

Ajax Autumn 1941 plan to attack Trondheim

Anakim Anglo-American amphibious assault on Burma

Anvil Allied landing in the south of France, August 1944 (later Dragoon)

Arcadia First Washington Conference, December 1941–January 1942

Argonaut Second Washington Conference, June 1942, and Yalta Conference, February 1945

Autumn Mist See Herbstnebel

Avalanche Amphibious Salerno landings, September 1943

Barbarossa German invasion of USSR, June 1941

Baytown Montgomery’s landings near Reggio, September 1943

Bolero Build-up of American forces in Britain prior to invasion of western Europe

Bracelet First Moscow Conference, August 1942

Breastplate Allied plan for amphibious attack on Tunisia from Malta, November 1942

Brimstone Proposed invasion of Sardinia, 1943

Buccaneer Planned attack on the Andaman Islands

Capital Advance into central Burma, 1944 (previously Champion)

Champion Previous name for Capital

Citadel German offensive against the Kursk salient, July 1943

Cricket Malta Conference, January–February 1945

Culverin Proposed attack on northern Sumatra

Diadem Offensive against the Gustav Line, 1944

Dracula Combined-operations attack on Rangoon, May 1945

Dragoon Allied landings in the south of France, August 1944 (previously Anvil)

Eureka Teheran Conference, November 1943

Freehold Churchill’s visit to Athens, February 1945

Gymnast American invasion of Morocco (later Super-Gymnast, later Torch)

Habbakuk British scheme to build floating aircraft stations out of ice and wood pulp

Herbstnebel German offensive in the Ardennes, December 1944–January 1945

Husky Allied invasion of Sicily, July 1943

Iceberg American capture of the Ryukyu Islands, April 1945

Ironclad British Commonwealth attack on Madagascar, March 1942

Jubilee Raid on Dieppe, August 1942

Jupiter Proposed operations in northern Norway

Kutuzov Marshal Zhukov’s successful counter-attack during the battle of Kursk

Mandibles Proposed operations against the Dodecanese Islands

Manhattan Engineer District Development of the atomic bomb

Manna British movement into Greece after German withdrawal, October 1944

Market Garden Attempt to seize the Rhine bridges, September 1944

Modicum Marshall’s visit to London, April 1942

Mohican Allied attacks along the North African coast, similar to Super-Gymnast

Neptune Naval and air support for Overlord, June 1944

Octagon Second Quebec Conference, September 1944

Orange US pre-war contingency plans against the eventuality of war versus Japan

Overlord Invasion of Normandy, 1944 (previously Roundup)

Plunder Allied crossing of the Rhine, March 1945

PLUTO Pipeline Under The Ocean, Normandy 1944

Pointblank Allied strategic bombing offensive against Germany

Quadrant First Quebec Conference, August 1943

Rankin Plan for Allied occupation of post-war western Europe

Riviera Meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill at Placentia Bay, August 1941

Roundup Anglo-American invasion of Europe (changed to Overlord)

Sealion German plan for invasion of Britain, from 1940

Sextant First Cairo Conference, November 1943

Shingle Anzio landings, January 1944

Slapstick Landings at Taranto, September 1943

Sledgehammer Small-scale attack on the Cotentin Peninsula, 1942 or 1943

Supercharge Final phase of the battle of El Alamein, November 1942

Super-Gymnast Attack on Morocco and Algeria (later Torch)

Symbol Casablanca Conference, January 1943

Tarzan Attack in north Burma to open the Burma Road

Tolstoy Second Moscow Conference, October 1944

Torch Allied invasion of French North Africa in November 1942 (previously Gymnast and Super-Gymnast)

Trident Third Washington Conference, May 1943

Ultra The signals-interception project based at Bletchley Park

Veritable 21st Army Group Rhine operations, February 1945

Victor Anti-invasion exercises in 1940

Winter Storm (Wintergewitter) General von Manstein’s attempt to relieve Stalingrad, December 1942

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