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What They Do Today

The following is a list of all those who were involved in “The Last Battle” and who contributed information to this book. First, the men of the Allied Armies; then the German military who opposed them, and finally the Berliners who lived in the city or its environs during March and April, 1945. At the request of the Bonn government, the addresses of German military personnel and civilians have been omitted. Occupations may have changed since this book went to press, and where an asterisk follows a name it indicates that the contributor has died since these lists were compiled. All ranks given are as of 1945.


Eisenhower, Dwight David, Gen., Supreme Comdr., [SHAEF] Gen. of the Army, Comdr.-in-Chief; President of the United States (1952-1960), Gettysburg, Pa.

Bradley, Omar Nelson, Gen. [12th Army Group] Gen. of the Army; Chairman, Bulova Watch Co., New York, N. Y.

Abbes, Henry Charles, Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Project architect, Queens Village, N. Y.

Adams, Charles M., Col. [69th Inf. Div.] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, La Mesa, Calif.

Adryan, Chester P., 1st Lt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Special agent, The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., Bellefontaine, Ohio

Allmand, James R., 1st Lt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Occupation unknown, Hermosillo, Son., Mexico

Anderson, Gerald J., Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Motor vehicle examiner, State of New Jersey, Glen Rock, N. J.

Anderson, Glen H., Col. [30th Armored Div.] Motel owner, Daytona Beach, Fla.

Anderson, Peter, Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Superintendent, Executive Mansion, Albany, N. Y.

Angeleri, Carl J., T/4 [30th Inf. Div.] Real estate broker, Forest Hills, N. Y.

Aralle, William, T/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Revenue officer, Internal Revenue Service, West Orange, N. J.

Ayers, Kenneth Lee, 1st Lt. [84th Inf. Div.] Maj. (retired), U.S. Army, Tallahassee, Fla.

Baker, Clyde, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Postal employee. Piedmont, Ala.

Bargy, James H., S/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] M/Sgt. N.Y. Guard; Truck driver, Rens-selaer, N. Y.

Barnard, Robert Howard, 1st Lt. [Ninth Air Force] Businessman, Tucumcari, N. M.

Barrett, Charles Joseph, Brig. Gen. [84th Inf. Div.] Col., U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y.

Batchelder, Clifton Brooks, Lt. Col. [2nd Armored Div.] Executive, United States Check Book Co., Omaha. Neb.

Berry, John Thomas, Maj. [82nd Airborne Div.] Col., 101st Airborne Div., Fort Campbell, Ky.

Berryman, Flur Woodrow, T/4 [5th Armored Div.] Carpenter, Town Creek, Ala.

Bestebreurtje, Arie D., Capt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Minister, Louisville, Ky.

Bethke, Clarence E., Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Tucson, Ariz.

Biddle, William Shepard, Col. [83rd Inf. Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army; Comdt., Pennsylvania Military College, Chester, Pa.

Billingsley, Charles, Col. [82nd Airborne Div.] Maj. Gen., U.S. Army; Deputy Commanding General, Combat Development Command, Fort Belvoir, Va.

Blair, William M., Jr., 1st Lt. [84th Inf. Div.] Asst. treasurer, Colonial Bank and Trust Co., Waterbury, Conn.

Blake, Peter, 2nd Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Architect and author, New York, N. Y.

Bloser, Donald Paul, Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Doctor of medicine, Enola, Pa.

Bolling, Alexander R., Maj. Gen. [84th Inf. Div.] *

Bommer, Jack L., T/5 [82nd Airborne Div.] Occupation unknown, Columbus, Ohio

Bond, Ridgely B., Jr., Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Brig. Gen., U.S. Army, Catonsville, Md.

Booth, J. Edwin, Sgt. [POW, Luckenwalde Camp] Postal clerk, Fremont, Neb.

Bovee, Elmer William, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Owner, Bovee’s Delivery Service, Addison, N. Y.

Boyd, Elmo Hubbard, Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Manufacturer’s representative, Charlotte, S. C.

Brockley, Harold R., T/4 [82nd Airborne Div.] Post office clerk, Connersville, Ind.

Brooks, Dwight Marion, 1st Lt. [69th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Fort Belvoir, Va.

Brunow, Marcel, F. J., Lt. Col. [2nd Armored Div.] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Belfast, Me.

Bunch, Doyle R., Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] School principal, Amarillo Public Schools, Amarillo, Tex.

Burnette, Eugene Gale, T/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Sfc. USAIG, Furman University, Greenville, S. C.

Burns, Stanley E., Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] District manager, Hemingway Transport Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

Burton, Edward J., Pfc. [82nd Airborne Div.] Trucker, Carmichael, Calif.

Byrn, Delmont K., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Professor of Education, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Carbin, John Patrick, Jr., Maj. [30th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Trenton, N. J.

Carnes, Norman D., Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Denver, Colo.

Caroscio, William J., 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Policeman, Elmira, N. Y.

Carrall, Charles B., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Priest, Hawthorne, N. Y.

Cason, Claude Edwin, Capt. [5th Armored Div.] Lt. Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Huntsville, Ala.

Clark, Curtis Mason, Maj. [2nd Armored Div.] Counsel, Norton Co., Worcester, Mass.

Cleary, Francis J., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Production manager, W. S. Rockwell Co., Fairfield, Conn.

Gloss, Maldwyn M., S/Sgt. [5th Armored Div.] Postal clerk, Wymore, Neb.

Coates, Edwin Morton, Lt. Col. [5th Armored Div.] Test planner, U.S.A.F., Lancaster, Calif.

Collier, John Howell, Brig. Gen. [2nd Armored Div.] Lt. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, San Antonio, Tex.

Conran, Richard John, Lt. Col. [69th Inf. Div.] Col., ARADCOM, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Conte, Angelo James, Maj. [84th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col. (retired), U.S.A.R., Levittown, N. J.

Cook, Julian Aaron, Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne Div.] Col., CINGLANT, Norfolk, Va.

Cook, Tim O., Lt. Col. [83rd Inf. Div.] Banking executive, Lamesa, Tex.

Copp, Franklin Harold, 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Lt. Col., U.S.A.R., Falls Church, Va.

Cosgrove, Warner G., Jr., Maj. [XIII Corps] Partner, Shields & Co., New York, N. Y.

Costello, James Patrick, Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Sgt., N.Y.C. Police, Bayside, N. Y.

Cota, Norman D., Maj. Gen. [28th Inf. Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Crabill, Edwin B., Col. [83rd Inf. Div.] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Riviera Beach, Fla.

Craig, Bertie Edward, Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Tacoma, Wash.

Crosby, Thomas Dillard, S/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Sgt., USATC, APO, New York, N. Y.

Cseak, Daniel T., Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Bakery manager, Canton, Ohio

Cullom, Henry Martin, Jr., Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] Executive, Valley Tire & Supply Co., South Pittsburg, Tenn.

Currey, Francis S., T/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Office worker, Veterans’ Administration Hospital, Albany, N. Y.

Daniels, Donald C., 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Occupation unknown, Kansas City, Mo.

Darrigo, Joseph Robert, 1st Lt. [84th Inf. Div.] Laborer, Darien, Conn.

Davis, William Holt, Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., Georgia Military Academy, East Point, Ga.

Deane, John R., Maj. Gen. [Chief, Military Mission, Moscow] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, San Francisco, Calif.

Deere, Benny, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Gloversville, Ala.

DeVault, Charles Cooper, Lt. Col. [50th Armored Div.] Realtor, Marion, Va.

Devenney, John J., Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Civilian executive officer, Dept. of the Army, Springfield, Pa.

DiBattista, Dominic, Pfc. [82nd Airborne Div.] Contractor, Garwood, N. J.

Dickenson, Glenn Gilmer, Lt. Col. [5th Armored Div.] Col., (retired), U.S. Army; Lawyer, Augusta, Ga.

Dilione, Charles, Pvt. [30th Inf. Div.] Truck driver, Sea Bright, N. J.

Dingley, Nelson III, Col. [U.S. Group Control Council] Brig. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Vero Beach, Fla.

Disney, Paul A., Col. [2nd Armored Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Arlington, Va.

Doughtie, George Roberts, Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] Executive, Atlantic Sheet Metal Corp., Atlanta, Ga.

Ellis, Otto, Col. [30th Inf. Div.] Retired, Bradenton, Fla.

Faris, John L., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Asst. manager, department store, Rock Hill, S. C.

Farrand, Edward Gilbert, Col. [5th Armored Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army; President, St. John’s Military Academy, Delafield, Wis.

Fellman, Malcolm Aaron, 1st Lt. [30th Inf. Div.] Commodity department, Bache & Co., New York, N. Y.

Ficarra, Louis James, Cpl. [30th Inf. Div.] Calender operator—leadman, Garfield N.J.

Fleischmann, Lawrence, Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Buffalo, N. Y.

Flowers, Melvin Lamar, 1st Lt. [Ninth Air Force] Maj. (retired), U.S.A.F., Huntsville, Ala.

Fonderico, Vincent, Cpl. [30th Inf. Div.] Inspector, City Water Dept., Rosedale, N. Y.

Francies, Merritt Duane, 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Company pilot, Keokuk, Iowa

Franco, Robert, Capt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Surgeon, Richland, Wash.

Frankland, Walter L., Lt. Col. [30th Inf. Div.] Owner, automotive parts store, Jackson, Tenn.

Fransosi, Arthur Arnold, T/4 [82nd Airborne Div.] Postal clerk, Cranston. R. I.

Galvin, Wayne W., Pvt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Painter, Las Vegas, Nev.

Gavin, Charles G., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] County extension agent, La Grande, Ore.

Gavin, James M., Maj. Gen. [82nd Airborne Div.] Lt. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Board Chairman, Arthur D. Little Co., Boston, Mass.

Gazdayka, Mike, Sgt. [5th Armored Div.] Employee, San Francisco Examiner Dealer, Camarilla, Calif.

Geppert, Leo Joseph, Maj. [84th Inf. Div.] Col., M.C., Brooke General Hospital, Fort Sam Houston, Tex.

Gillem, Alvan Cullom, Jr., Maj, Gen. [XIII Corps] Lt. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Atlanta, Ga.

Gomes, Lloyd H., Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Col. U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Grose, Thomas Warren, Capt. [5th Armored Div.] Superintendent, The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, Saginaw, Mich.

Hadley, Arthur T., 1st Lt. [2nd Armored Div.] Author, New York, N. Y.

Hall, Stewart L., Lt. Col. [30th Inf. Div.] Asst. vice president, Occidental Life, Los Angeles, Calif.

Halladay, Daniel Whitney, Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Dean of Students, University of Alabama, Fayetteville, Ala.

Handberg, William Francis, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Commercial artist, Minneapolis, Minn.

Handy, Thomas T., Maj. Gen. Retired, U.S. Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations Division, Washington, D. C.

Hardin, William B., M/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] M/Sgt., U.S. Army, Akron, Ohio

Hasslinger, Harry Ekas, Lt. Col. [XIII Corps] Col., U.S. Army, Veterans’ Administration, College Park, Md.

Heilbrunn, Martin M., Cpl. [30th Inf. Div.] Alteration manager. Stern’s, New York, N. Y.

Hennessy, Francis Xavier, Cpl. [30th Inf. Div.] Lawyer, Bronx, N. Y.

Hess, Neal A., Maj. [Ninth Air Force] Lt. Col., U.S.A.F., Carswell Air Force Base, Tex.

Higgins, Daniel E., 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Public relations executive, American Cyanamid Co., Linden, N. J.

Higgins, Gerald J., Brig. Gen. [101st Airborne Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army; Manager, Foreign Operations, Research Analysis Corp., Washington, D. C.

Hill, Edward Mitchell, Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Arlington, Va.

Hill, John G., Col. [V Corps] Brig. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Arlington, Va.

Hillenmeyer, Walter W., Maj. [V Corps] Partner, Hillenmeyer Nurseries, Lexington, Ky.

Himes, Donald S., Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Col., U.S. Army, New York, N. Y.

Himmelstein, Harold, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Office worker, Internal Revenue Service, New York, N. Y.

Hinds, Charles F., T/4 [2nd Armored Div.] State archivist, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Frankfort, Ky.

Hinds, Sidney R., Brig. Gen. [2nd Armored Div.] Brig. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army; Inspector, Defense Supply Agency, Falls Church, Va.

Hobbs, Leland S., Maj. Gen. [30th Inf. Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Hoffman, Morton D., Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] President, Eastern States Electrical Contractors, New York, N. Y.

Hollingsworth, James F., Maj. [2nd Armored Div.] Col., U.S. Army; Acting Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense, Washington, D. C.

Holt, Harold Norman, Col. [Ninth Air Force] Col., U.S.A.F., Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.

Hopermann, Richard K., 1st Lt. [30th Inf. Div.] Research chemist, Oakland, N. J.

Howley, Frank Leo, Col. [U.S. Military Govt.] Vice president, New York University, New York, N. Y.

Hoy, Charles E., Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Winter Park, Fla.

Hubbard, Allen, Jr., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Lawyer, Hughes, Hubbard, Blair & Reed, New York, N. Y.

Hubbard, Harry J., Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Marfa, Tex.

Huebner, Clarence Ralph, Maj. Gen. [V Corps] Lt. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Huebschen, Herbert E., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Agent, Internal Revenue Service, Beloit, Wis.

Hughes, Shelly G., Lt. Col. [83rd Inf. Div.] President, Differential Steel Car Co., Findlay, Ohio

Hull, John Edwin, Gen. [C/S Operations—Pentagon] Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Hundley, Daniel H., Col. [Ninth Army] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Associate professor, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.

Hunt, Emerson Snow, 1st Lt. [102nd Inf. Div.] Maj. (retired), U.S.A.R., Wilton, Conn.

Husing, Christian O., S/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Owner, service station, Rockport, Mo.

Ingraham, Gordon D., Lt. Col. [69th Inf. Div.] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Oakland, Calif.

Irby, Willie B., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Dairy farmer and soil conservationist, U.S.D.A. Blackstone, Va.

Jacobs, Marvin Leroy, Lt. Col. [20th Inf. Div.] Professor, Memphis State University, Memphis, Tenn.

James, Robert Foote, Maj. [5th Armored Div.] Auto dealer, Lebanon, Pa.

James, Rowland, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Manager, Product control, Pepsi-Cola Co., Bay Shore, N. Y.

Johnson, Briard Poland, Lt. Col. [2nd Armored Div.] Maj. Gen., U.S. Army, Fort Monroe, Va.

Johnson, Clarence J., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Maj., U.S.A.R.; Public school teacher, Phoenix, Ariz.

Johnson, Donald R., 1st Lt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Sales supervisor, service station, Mauston, Wis.

Jones, James Elmo, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne Div.] President, Industrial Plastics, Inc. Greensboro, N. C.

Jones, Richard Harris, Lt. Col. [5th Armored Div.] Asst. superintendent, Houston schools, Houston, Tex.

Jordan, Wilhelm Oscar, Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Laborer, L and M Co., Horsham, Pa.

Kaczowka, Henry Rudolph, Maj. [30th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Wynnewood, Pa.

Kaiser, Maurice Evans, Lt. Col. [XIII Corps] Col., U.S. Army, Pentagon, Washington, D. C.

Kehm, Harold David, Col. [Ninth Army] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Bethesda, Md.

Kelly, Thomas J., Cpl. [7th Armored Div.] Congressional Medal of Honor winner; Attorney, U.S. Civil Service Commission, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Kinnard, Harold, W.O., Col. [101st Airborne Div.] Maj. Gen., U.S. Army, 11th Air Assault Div., Fort Benning, Ga.

Klebba, Joe H., T/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Rancher, Sheridan, Wyo.

Kohler, Haley Eustis, Maj. [83rd Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., (retired), U.S. Army, Owner, dry cleaning business, Lake Charles, La.

Kolb, Roland L., Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Col., U.S. Army, Pentagon, Washington, D. C.

Komosa, Adam Anthony, Capt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Lt. Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Bloomington, Ind.

Korf, Arthur F., Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] President, Korf’s Sixth Ave., Inc., Kenosha, Wis.

Korolevich, Alexander, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Employee, Ford Motor Co., Waldwick, N. J.

Kotary, William Edward, 1st Lt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Agency dept., insurance company, Wayne, Pa.

Kotzebue, Albert, 1st Lt. [69th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Madison, Wis.

Kremer, Herbert H., Sgt. [5th Armored Div.] Civilian employee, U.S. Coast Guard, Jefferson City, Mo.

Kuhlman, Martin Luther, Lt. Col. [83rd Inf. Div.] Office manager, Signode Steel Strapping Co., Chicago, Ill.

Lacey, Richard Hamilton, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Pasteurizer, Wendt Dairy, Niagara Falls, N. Y.

Ladin, Samuel S., W.O. [30th Inf. Div.] Employee, Guardian Maintenance, Long Island City, N. Y.

Landis, John Ross, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Carpenter, Woodbury, N. J.

Lawrence, Dale C., Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] Representative, Mosaic Tile Co., Spokane, Wash.

Leary, Edward J., Lt. Col. [69th Inf. Div.] Col. (retired), U.S.A.R. Trenton, N. J.

Leet, George Arnold, Capt. [26th Inf. Div.] Attorney, National Labor Relations Board, Washington, D. C.

Levy, Harold Joseph, Sgt. [2nd Armored Div.] Mail carrier, Mamaroneck, N. Y.

Lord, William T., Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Production manager, T. N. Palmer & Co., Inc., New York, N. Y.

Loveland, Glenn E., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Employee, Board of Education, Shelby, Ohio

Ludlow, Lee Eugene, T/5 [5th Armored Div.] Occupation unknown, La Porte, Ind.

Macaluso, Joseph Anthony, Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Building contractor, New Orleans, La.

MacFarlane, Paul William, 1st Lt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Executive, Dreamland Mfg. Co., St. Petersburg, Fla.

MacKinnin, Elwyn L., Pfc. [5th Armored Div.] Treasurer, contracting company, Orange, Mass.

Macon, Robert Chauncey, Maj. Gen. [83rd Inf. Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, California, Md.

MacVean, James Linden, Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] M/Sgt. (retired), U.S. Army, LeRoy, N. Y.

Maggio, Vincent, Cpl. [30th Inf. Div.] Mail carrier, Huntington, N. Y.

Manni, Serge A., Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Vice president, Duro Test International, River Edge, N. J.

Martin, William S., 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Metal shop owner, Golden, Colo.

McAuliffe, Anthony, Maj. Gen. [101st Airborne Div.] Lt. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

McCloud, June Raymond, S/Sgt. [5th Armored Div.] Patrolman, city police, Marlinton, W. Va.

McConnell, Frederick McSwain, 1st Lt. [84th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Instructor Group, Clemson, S. C.

McCown, Hal D., Lt. Col. [30th Inf. Div.] Col., U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

McKenna, Richard W., Maj. [5th Armored Div.] Executive, Ferry-Morse Seed Co., Mountain View, Calif.

McNees, Norman Edwin, 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Salesman, George M. Bell & Son, El Centro, Calif.

McNeil, Grady, 1st Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Mailer, N.Y. Journal-American, New York, N. Y.

Mennow, Robert E., S/Sgt. [5th Armored Div.] Stationery engraver, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Merriam, Wheeler G., Lt. Col. [2nd Armored Div.] Brig. Gen., U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Millener, George Alvin, Col. [Ninth Army] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Knoxville, Tenn.

Miller, William Scott, Jr., 1st Lt. [84th Inf. Div.] Lawyer, Little Rock, Ark.

Millett, John E., Jr., 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Occupation unknown, Minneola, Kan.

Mirra, Adolph Raymond, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Asst. cashier, National Bank of Westchester, White Plains, N. Y.

Mittleman, Herbert H., T/5 [30th Inf. Div.] Prefabrication dealer, Scholz Homes, Inc., Yonkers, N. Y.

Moore, James E., Maj. Gen. [Ninth Army] Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Morava, John Hall, Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] President, U.S. Steel Supply, Chicago, Ill.

Mundt, Herman A., Jr., Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S.A.R.; Executive, Humble Oil & Refining Co., Durango, Colo.

Naples, Joseph, T/5 [30th Inf. Div.] Plant manager, Plastic Molding Powders, Kearny, N. J.

Neblett, Lloyd George, Lt. Col. [Ninth Air Force] Occupation unknown, Tulsa, Okla.

Neilson, Henry, Col. [83rd Inf. Div.] Col., U.S. Army, Fort Sam Houston, Tex.

Nelson, Clarence A., 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Paint store owners, Fremont, Neb.

Nicodemus, Robert E., 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Falls Church, Va.

Norton, John, Col. [82nd Airborne Div.] Maj. Gen., U.S. Army, Asst. Comdt., Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga.

Norton, Thomas Edward, Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] Accountant, Boise, Idaho

Nugent, Richard Emmel, Brig. Gen. [XXIX Tactical Air Command] Dept. of Defense, Merritt Island, Fla.

Oliver, Lunsford, Maj. Gen. [5th Armored Div.] Retired, Williamsburg, Mass.

Ordway, Godwin, Col. [12th Army Group] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Chevy Chase, Md.

Ornstein, Richard Paul, T/5 [30th Inf. Div.] Employee, Savoy Knitting Mills Corp., New York, N. Y.

Parker, Braxton Creig, 1st Lt. [84th Inf. Div.] Capt. (retired), U.S. Army; Civil Servant, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Parks, Floyd L., Maj. Gen. [SHAEF] *

Pattullo, Alexander Ross, T/Sgt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Manager of stockholder records, The Standard Oil Co., Cleveland, Ohio

Pearcy, Marvin E., Capt. [2nd Armored Div.] Maintenance planner, Rayonier, Inc., Hoquiam, Wash.

Petcoff, George, 1st Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Supervisor, International Paper Co., New York, N. Y.

Peters, Abraham, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Vice president-treasurer. Allied Office Supplies, Inc., Jersey City, N. J.

Peters, Alcee Lafayette, Jr., Maj. [84th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Peters, Earl William, Maj. [Ninth Air Force] Lt. Col., U.S.A.F., McClellan Air Force Base, Calif.

Philipsborn, Martin Maximilian, Jr., Maj. [5th Armored Div.] Vice president, Harrison Wholesale Co., Chicago, Ill.

Plantin, Tore Elias, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Cost estimator, Bethpage, N. Y.

Pockler, Morris, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Poindexter, Clifford T., Cpl. [5th Armored Div.] Occupation unknown, Fayetteville, Ark.

Polowsky, Joseph, Pvt. [69th Inf. Div.] Insurance salesman, Chicago, Ill.

Pratt, Bernard S., Pvt. [30th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Lake Luzerne, N. Y.

Prendergast, R. O., 1st Lt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Maj., 42d Div. National Guard. New York, N. Y.

Presnell, William G., 1st Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Superintendent, garment production, Asheboro, N. C.

Puetzer, Warren James, 1st Lt. [84th Inf. Div.] Co-owner, tire service company, Corvallis, Ore.

Pugliese, Michael R., S/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Self-employed, Stamford, Conn.

Ramsey, Curtis Lee, 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Superintendent, textile mill, Laurinburg, N. C.

Ransom, Paul Lewis, Brig. Gen. [Fifth Army] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Hampton, Va.

Rattray, Bruce C., Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Long Island City, N. Y.

Reilly, Edward P., Sgt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Sales engineer, Borg Warner Corp., Houston, Tex.

Reinhardt, Emil F., Maj. Gen. [69th Inf. Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S Army, San Antonio, Tex.

Rennolds, William Gregory, Jr., Maj. [83rd Inf. Div.] Director of personnel, Southern States Cooperative, Richmond, Va.

Ressegieu, Fred E., [5th Armored Div.] Executive, Bechtel Corp., San Francisco, Calif.

Ridgway, Matthew B., Maj. Gen. [XVIII Corps] Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Robinson, Frank Edward, 1st Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Ooltewah, Tenn.

Robinson, Howard Vernon, Jr., T/5 [2nd Armored Div.] Self-employed, Deland, Fla.

Rock, Julius, Maj. [30th Inf. Div.] Doctor of medicine, Rochester, N. Y.

Rose, Ben Lacy, Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Professor, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va.

Ross, Winfred A., Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, Sun Prairie, Wis.

Rubenstein, Charles, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Realtor, New York, N. Y.

Sadallah, Elias A., Capt. [2nd Armored Div.] Vice president, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.

St. Cyr, Stede-Strephon, Sgt. [POW, Stalag 7-B] Photographer, Toledo, Ohio

Schmidmeister, John, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Employee, S. Blickman Co., Inc., West New York, N. J.

Schommer, Francis Christian, Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Wholesale toy dealer, Sheboygan, Wis.

Schultz, Arthur B., Pvt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Private investigator, San Diego, Calif.

Scott, Richard H., 1st Lt. [102nd Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Anchorage, Alaska

Serilla, William Dan, Sgt. [82nd Airborne Div.] Sky diver, Royal Oak, Mich.

Sharpe, Granville Attaway, Lt. Col. [83rd Inf. Div.] Col., U.S. Army, Institute of Advanced Studies, Carlisle Barracks, Pa.

Shiverski, Stanley A., S/Sgt. [5th Armored Div.] Set-up, A.M.C., Racine, Wis.

Shonak, James Dmitrius, Capt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Insurance executive, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., Boston, Mass.

Simpson, William H., Lt. Gen. [Ninth Army] Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, San Antonio, Tex.

Sloan, George B., Col. [XIX Corps] Col. (retired), U.S. Army; Senior analyst, production planning, MacDonald Aircraft Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Smith, Davis Maitland, Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] Maj., U.S. Army, Bowling Green, Va.

Smith, Walter Bedell, Lt. Gen. [SHAEF] *

Smurthwaite, Richard J., Pfc. [82nd Airborne Div.] Manager of product evaluation, Missile Space Div., General Electric Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

Solomon, Harold, 1st Lt. [30th Inf. Div.] Sheet metal worker, Howard Beach, N. Y.

Solow, Saul, 1st Lt. [30th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S.A.R.; General manager, Famous Coat Front Pad Co., Inc., New York, N. Y.

Sowers, Kenneth, Lt. Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Col., Chaplain, U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Stanford, Leslie E., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S. Army, APO San Francisco, Calif.

Starling, Jack W., Capt. [30th Inf. Div.] Advertising executive, The McCarty Co., Seattle, Wash.

Staub, Paul, Pfc. [69th Inf. Div.] Salesman, Bond’s, Levittown, N. Y.

Stephens, Richard W., Col. [30th Inf. Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army, Sun City, Fla.

Stephens, Thomas LeRoy, T/5 [30th Inf. Div.] Service station proprietor, Franklin, N. J.

Stevens, Earle M., Lt. Col. [30th Inf. Div.] General plant supervisor, Convent Station, N. J.

Stewart, Carlton E., Lt. Col. [30th Inf. Div.] Carpenter and builder, West Newton, Mass.

Stewart, Carroll Richard, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Public school custodian, Canastota, N. Y.

Stewart, Terrell Eugene, Cpl. [82nd Airborne Div.] Linotype operator, Columbus, Ga.

Stockwell, Richard C., 2nd Lt. [2nd Armored Div.] City planning director, Concord, Calif.

Stollak, Jack, T/4 [30th Inf. Div.] Postal clerk, Bay side, N. Y.

Sutherland, John M., Jr., T/5 [76th Inf. Div.] Insurance salesman, Worcester, Mass.

Talarico, George F., Pvt. [30th Inf. Div.] Production supervisor, Givaudan Corp., Nutley, N. J.

Tell, Bernard L., Cpl. [30th Inf. Div.] Doctor of medicine, Pompton Plains, N. J.

Toole, John B., T/5 [30th Inf. Div.] Cost accountant, General Electric Co., Hudson Falls, N. Y.

Torino, Albert M., T/5 [30th Inf. Div.] Foreman, Presidential Construction Co., New Haven, Conn.

Truman, Louis Watson, Col. [84th Inf. Div.] Lt. Gen., U.S. Army, Fort Monroe, Va.

Tucker, R. H., Col. [82nd Airborne Div.] Maj. Gen. (retired), U.S. Army; Comdt. of Cadets, The Citadel, Charleston, S. C.

Tullbane, John E., 1st Lt. [30th Inf. Div.] Field director, The American National Red Cross, APO New York, N. Y.

Valsangiacomo, Oreste V., Capt. [84th Inf. Div.] Occupation unknown, Barre, Vt.

Vinson, David B., 1st Lt. [U.S.A.F.] Director, Texas Academy for the Advancement of Life Sciences, Houston, Tex.

Vukcevic, Michael N., Pfc. [82nd Airborne Div.] Machine repairman, Perry, Ohio

Walson, Thomas Betts, 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Manager, Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Nashville, Tenn.

Washburn, Israel Brent, Lt. Col. [5th Armored Div.] Col. (retired), U.S. Army, McLean, Va.

Weber, Stanley Roger, S/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] Carpenter, New York, N. Y.

Weinstein, Alvin, Pfc. [30th Inf. Div.] Employee, A.I.C. Construction Corp., Fort Tilden, N. Y.

Wellems, Edward N., Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne Div.] Col., U.S. Army, Springfield, Va.

West, Gustavus Wilcox, Col. [2nd Armored Div.] Retired, Georgetown, Colo.

Whitaker, R. B., 1st Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Retailer, office equipment and supplies, Leavenworth, Kan.

White, Isaac Davis, Maj. Gen. [2nd Armored Div.] Gen. (retired). U.S. Army, Honolulu, Hawaii

White, Myron A., Cpl. [82nd Airborne Div.] Farmer, Grinnell, Iowa

Wienecke, Robert H., Col. [82nd Airborne Div.] Maj. Gen., U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Williams, Walter E., Jr., and Lt. [5th Armored Div.] Postal employee, Brownsville, Tex.

Williams, Warren R., Jr., Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne Div.] Hdqrs. to staff, USSTRICOM, MacDill AFB, Fla.

Williamson, Ellis W., Lt. Col. [30th Inf. Div.] Maj. Gen., U.S. Army, Washington, D. C.

Wiselogle, Candler R., 1st Lt. [83rd Inf. Div.] Lt. Col., U.S.A.R., APO San Francisco, Calif.

Wolski, Edwin Stephen, S/Sgt. [30th Inf. Div.] SM/Sgt., U.S.A.F., Homestead, Fla.

Woltz, William Edward, T/4 [30th Inf. Div.] M/Sgt., U.S.A.R.; Retired shipping checker, Palisades Park, N. J.

Wood, George B., Maj. [82nd Airborne Div.] Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Wright, Nathaniel A., T/4 [84th Inf. Div.] M/Sgt., U.S. Army, Georgia Military Academy, East Point, Ga.

Zimmerman, Hugo, 1st Lt. [Ninth Air Force] Col., U.S.A.F., U.S.A.F. Academy, Colo.


Montgomery, Bernard Law, Field Marshal [21st Army Group] Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.G. (retired), Hampshire

Aherne, John, Cpl., King’s Own Yorks (Light Infantry) [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Occupation unknown, Birmingham

Back, Philip, F. O. [R.A.F.] Managing director, plastics company, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Barber, Colin Muir, Maj. Gen. [12th Corps, 15th Scottish] Lt. Gen. Sir Colin Muir Barber, C.B. (1945), D.S.O. (1940); Ripon, Yorkshire

Barker, Evelyn Hugh, Lt. Gen. [8th Corps] Gen. Sir Evelyn Hugh Barker, K.C.B. (1950), K.B.E. (1945), D.S.O. (1918), M.C. (Retired), Bromham, Bedfordshire

Barnes, Frank, Lt. [7th Armored Div.] Owner, petrol station and garage, London

Belchem, Ronald F. K., Brig. [Chief, Operations, 21st Army Group] Maj. Gen. C.B. (1946), C.B.E. (1944), D.S.O. (1943); London manager, B.S.A. Co., London

Bennett, Harold Edmonde Isherwood, W.O., R.A.F. [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Fl/Lt., R.A.F., Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Binning, John Sydney, Capt. [6th Airborne Div.] Doctor of medicine, Senior medical officer, British Railways, Eastern Region, London

Bols, Hon. Eric Louis, Maj. Gen. [6th Airborne Div.] Gen. Bols, C.B. (1945), D.S.O. (1944), and bar (1945); Executive, British engineering firm, Brighton, Sussex

Bowden, William Kenneth Hope, Fl/Sgt., R.A.F. [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Advertising executive, Upton Grey, nr. Basingstoke, Hampshire

Broom, Ivor Gordon, Wing Comdr. [R.A.F.] Group Captain, R.A.F., Brüggen, Germany

Chandler, Charles Frederick, Sapper [6th Airborne Div.] District foreman, gas board, Hays End, Middlesex

Chapman, Edward, Fl/Lt., R.A.F. [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Employee, wine shippers, London

Chown, Clement Murray, Sgt. Pilot, R.A.F. [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Commercial airline pilot, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Cole, Eric V., Sgt. Maj. [7th Armored Div.] Engineer, Newcastle-on-Tyne

Collins, John Brenton, Padre, Capt., 67 Medium Regt. Royal Artillery [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Vicar, Church of England, Edenbridge, Kent

Counsell, John, Col. [SHAEF] Director, Windsor Theatre, Windsor

Cox, W. Frederick, Guardsman, Irish Guards [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Poultry-man, North Reading, Berkshire

Craig, Gordon D., Sqdn. Leader, R.A.F. [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Solicitor, Corbridge, Northumberland

Davey, Robert, Lt. [7th Armored Div.] Innkeeper, Torquay, Devonshire

Davies, Graham, Pvt. [6th Airborne Div.] Steelworker, Port Talbot, Glamorganshire, South Wales

Davison, Wilfred, Capt. [6th Airborne Div.] Timber company director, Peterfield, Hampshire

Day, Harry Melville Arbuthnot, Group Capt., R.A.F. [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel, later Sachsenhausen] Retired, London

Deans, James Alexander Graham, W.O., R.A.F. [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Administrative officer, London School of Economics and Political Science, Ashtead, Surrey

Dempsey, Sir Miles Christopher, Gen. [Second Army] Gen. Sir Miles Dempsey, G.B.E. (1956), K.C.B. (1944), D.S.O. (1940), M.C. (1918); Company chairman, Yattendon, Berkshire

Finnie, John, C.Q.M.S. [5th Inf. Div.] Postal official, London

Foster, Joseph, Fl/Sgt. [R.A.F.] Building foreman, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Friston, Leslie West, Pvt. [30th Corps] Lorry driver, Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Galbraith, Alexander Reynell, Fl/Lt. [R.A.F.] Personnel manager, Crawley, Sussex

Gallienne, William Albert George, Sqdn. Leader [R.A.F.] Publican, Chigwell, Essex

Guingand, Sir Francis W. de, Maj. Gen. [21st Army Group] Maj. Gen. Sir Francis de Guingand, K.B.E. (1944), C.B. (1943), D.S.O. (1942); Company chairman, Johannesburg, South Africa

Haley, A., Pvt. [5th Inf. Div.] Packer, shoe warehouse, Ryton-on-Tyne, Durham

Heape, John Stewart Hardman, W.O., R.A.F. [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Sales manager, petrol pump manufacturer, Cholsey, Buckinghamshire

Hennell, Charles, Sgt. Maj. [7th Armored Div.] Police inspector, Cheshire County Police, Wilmslow, Cheshire

Hensman, Michael Graham, Lt. [6th Airborne Div.] Sales manager, I.C.I., Bowdon, Cheshire

Horrocks, Sir Brian, Lt. Gen. [Comdr., 30th Brit. Corps], Gen. Sir Brian Horrocks, K.C.B., K.B.E., D.S.O. (retired), London

Hughes, Hugh L. Glyn, Brig. [Second Army] Brig. Hughes, C.B.E. (1945), D.S.O. (1916), M.C., M.R.C.S.; Doctor of medicine, Director, South-east London General Practitioner Center, London

Hughes, Thomas Rhys, Pvt. [6th Airborne Div.] Journalist, Haywards Heath, Sussex

Jinks, William James, Fl/Lt. [R.A.F.] Company executive, weighing machine manufacturers, Sutton Coldfleld, Warwickshire

Jones, Gilbert Peter, Sgt. [R.A.F.] Prison officer, Newport, Isle of Wight

Kee, Robert, Fl/Lt., R.A.F. [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Author, television producer, London

Kimber, Peter C., Fl/Sgt., R.A.F. [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Chief clerk, Bushey, Hertfordshire

Lyne, Louis Owen, Maj. Gen. [7th Armored Div.] Gen. Lyne, C.B. (1945), D.S.O. ( 1943); Company chairman, Kersey, Suffolk

Mack, Kenneth Charles, W.O. [R.A.F.] Clerk, British Railways, Norfolk

Mainwaring, John Cecil, Pvt. [5th Inf. Div.] Hospital porter, Hillsboro, Sheffield

Mann, Alfred Ernest, Cpl., Royal West Kent Regt. [Stalag 20A, Thorn] Clerk, General Post Office, nr. Dartford, Kent

McCowen, J. L., Lt. Col. [Econ. Div., Control Commission] Southern sales manager, Guinness, Richmansworth, Hertfordshire

McWhinnie, Hugh, Sgt. [6th Airborne Div.] Chargehand, paper mill, Canterbury, Kent

Mitford, Edward Cecil, Brig. [8th Corps] Brig. Mitford (retired), Hdqrs. Eastern Command, London

Mogg, Ronald, W.O., R.A.F. [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Press officer, Shell Mex & B.P. Ltd., London

Moore, Walter, Pvt. [6th Airborne Div.] Textile fitter, Keighley, Yorkshire

Morgan, Sir Frederick E., Lt. Gen. [SHAEF] Gen. Sir Frederick Morgan, retired, Northwood, Middlesex

Mower, Edwin Arthur, Cpl., Royal Berkshire Regt, (now part of Wessex Brigade) [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Clerk, Colchester, Essex

Murray, Robert, Pvt. [7th Armored Div.] Chargehand, wholesale chemist, Nelson, Lancashire

Murtagh, Patrick Francis, Trooper, 3rd Royal Tank Regt. [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Watch and clock repairer, nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire

Newman, John, Trooper, Royal Tank Corps [Stalag 344, Lamsdorff] Cab hirer, Edinburgh

Park, Thomas M., Capt, Royal Army Medical Corps [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Doctor of medicine, Carnwath, Lanark

Perrin, Roy Doublas, F.O. [R.A.F.] Insurance mechanisation unit controller, South Croydon, Surrey

Rabone, Joseph Patrick, Lt. [6th Airborne Div.] Driver, M.C.D., Kingstanding, Birmingham

Roberts, Kenneth, Pvt. [5th Inf. Div.] Assistant inspector, General Post Office, London

Rodley, Ernest Edward, Wing Comdr. [R.A.F.] Commercial pilot, BOAC, London

Rogers, Philip George, Maj. [6th Airborne Div.] Foreign office, Orpington, Kent

Rosdol, Sandy, Capt. [12th Corps, 15th Scottish Div.] Foreign Office, South Ascot, Berkshire

Ross, Donald G., Fl/Lt. [R.A.F.] Tobacco manufacturer, Yverdon, Switzerland

Rycroft, Robert Arthur, Cpl. [6th Airborne Div.] Advertising controller, Thos. Cook & Son, Ltd., Meadvale, Redhill

Rymer, James, Pvt. [7th Armored Div.] Motor mechanic, Pickering, Yorkshire

Shearer, John L., Capt. [6th Airborne Div.] Manager, National Assistance Board, Hamilton, Lanark

Spurling, John Michael Kane, Brig, [7th Armored Div.] Maj. Gen. Spurling, C.B. (1957), C.B.E. (1953), D.S.O. (1944); Lecturer, Military History and Tactics, London and Southampton Universities, Fifehead Neville, Dorsetshire

Strong, Kenneth William Dobson, Maj. Gen. [SHAEF] Maj. Gen. Sir Kenneth Strong, C.B. (1945), O.B.E. (1942), Director-General of Intelligence, Ministry of Defense, London

Suster, Ilya, Sgt. [7th Armored Div.] Director, import company, London

Sweeney, Michael Francis, Sgt. Maj., Irish Guards [Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde] Salesman, nr. Oundle, Northamptonshire

Thwaite, Alan, Sapper [7th Armored Div.] Cinema projectionist, Morecambe, Lancashire

Towell, Albert Cyril, Lance/Cpl. [7th Armored Div.] Packer, electronics factory, Highcliffe-on-Sea, Hampshire

Urquhart, John, Lance/Cpl. [6th Airborne Div.] Industrial machine operator, Baillieston, Glasgow

Ward, Leonard M., Lance/Bombardier, Driver [12th Corps] Hospital administrative assistant, Hornsey

Ward, Tom, P.O. [R.A.F.] Structural engineer, Lancaster

Whiteley, John Francis Martin, Maj. Gen. [SHAEF] Gen. Sir John Whiteley, G.B.E. ( 1956), K.C.B. ( 1950), M.C. retired, nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire

Williams, Edgar T., Brig. [Chief, Intelligence, 21st Army Group] C.B. (1946), C.B.E. (1944), D.S.O. (1943); Fellow of Balliol, Oxford, Warden of Rhodes House, Oxford

Wilson, Geoffrey Kenneth, Fl/Sgt., R.A.F. [Stalag 357, Fallingbostel] Psychology Lecturer, Teachers’ Training College, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex


Koniev, Ivan Stepanovich, Marshal of the Soviet Union [Comdr., 1st Ukrainian Front] Marshal, Inspector Gen., Soviet Armed Forces

Rokossovskii, Konstantin K., Marshal of the Soviet Union [Comdr., 2nd Belorussian Front] Marshal, Inspector Gen., Soviet Armed Forces; Member, Supreme Soviet

Anikhovskii, Josef Josefevich, Capt. [Operations Staff, 6th Guards Rifle Div.]

Boltin, E. A., Maj. Gen. [Editor-in-Chief, Official Soviet War History] Major General

Chuikov, Vasili Ivanovich, Col. Gen. [Comdr., 8th Guards Army] Marshal of the Soviet Union; Member, Supreme Soviet; Member, Supreme Military Council; Supreme Comdr., Soviet Land Forces

Dolmatovskii, Eugene, Lt. Col. [War correspondent, Pravda] Writer, poet and lyricist

Golbov, Sergei Ivanovich, Capt. [War correspondent, 47th Army] *

Ignatov, Aleksei Andrianovich, Maj. [61st Army]

Ivanov, Georgi Vasilievich, Maj. Gen. [Comdr., 6th Guards Rifle Div.] Major General (retired)

Kharina, Irina Mikhailova, Guerilla agent [POW, Auschwitz] Housewife

Kilchevskii, Georgi Vladimirovich, 1st Lt. [Engineer, 6th Guards Rifle Div.] Engineer

Kjung, Nikolai, Pvt. [POW, Buchenwald]

Kurkov, Mikhail Ivanovich, Radio operator [Anti-tank Regt.]

Lazaris, Aronovich, Maj. [6th Guards Rifle Div.] Writer

Levchenko, Irena Nikolayevna, 1st Lt. [8th Mechanized Corps] Lt. Col. of Armored Forces ( retired ), Housewife

Litvinko, Andrei Fedosovich, Maj. [4th Guards Tank Army]

Malinovskii, Mikhail, Lt. [Regimental Political Commissar, 16th Air Force] *

Mikayoff, Igor, Lt. [Regimental Intelligence Officer, 5th Shock Army]

Novikov, Nikolai Georgievich, Sgt. [Reconnaissance, 6th Guards Rifle Div.]

Olshanskii, Alexander, Pvt. [58th Rifle Div.] Major

Ostrovskii, Vysoka, Col. [War correspondent, Red Star] Author and journalist

Parotikin, I. V., Col. [Soviet Dept. of Defense] Historian

Pavlenkov, N. G., Maj. Gen. [Soviet Dept. of Defense] Historian

Platonov, S. P., Lt. Gen. [Soviet Dept. of Defense] Historian and Chief of Archives

Polevoi, Boris, Col. [War correspondent, Pravda, and Regimental Political Commissar] Novelist, magazine editor

Rogovtsev, Vasilii Petrovish, Sgt. [Rifle Co., 1st Belorussian Front]

Rozanov, Vladimir Pavlovich, 1st Lt. [Reconnaissance, 3rd Shock Army, 4th Artillery Corps]

Samchuk, John Amkeevich, Col. [Chief of Staff, 32nd Corps]

Samsonov, Konstantin Yakovlevich, Lt. [Battalion Comdr., 171st Rifle Div.] Colonel

Samusev, Ivan Semonovich, Sgt. [Artillery, 3rd Shock Army]

Slobyudenyuk, Grigorii Afanasyevich, Sgt. Maj., Hero of the Soviet Union [1st Ukrainian Front]

Sokolovskii, V. D., Gen. [Chief, Operations Staff, 1st Ukrainian Front to 14 April, 1945; Deputy Comdr., 1st Belorussian Front from 15 April, 1945] Marshal of the Soviet Union; Inspector Gen., Soviet Armed Forces

Svishchev, Nikolai Alexandrovich, Sgt. [Gun crew comdr., 1st Belorussian Front]

Telpuchovskii, Boris S., Maj. Gen. [Official historian, Zhukov’s Hdqrs.]

Tilevich, Mark, Sgt. [POW, Sachsenhausen]

Troyanoskii, Pavel, Lt. Col. [War correspondent, Red Star] Author and journalist

Yushchuk, Ivan Ivanovich, Maj. Gen. [Comdr., 11th Tank Corps] General of Tank Troops (retired)

*Interviewed outside the U.S.S.R.


Heinrici, Gotthard, Col. Gen. [Army Group Vistula] Colonel General (retired)

Ache, Kurt, Capt. [Berlin Defense Unit—Zoo Flak Tower] Private means

Annuschek, Karl Heinz, Capt. [1st Flak Div.] Company director

Arnold, Hans-Werner, 1st Lt. [Luftwaffe, 9th Parachute Div.] Civil servant

Bensch, Willy, M/Sgt. [SS Div. Nordland] Factory worker

Bila, Heinrich von, Capt. [Army Group Vistula] Seed company sales manager

Bombach, Walter, M/Sgt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Caretaker

Bonath, Herbert, Pvt. [Hitler Youth] Clerical officer, West German Army

Böttcher, Friedrich, Lt. Col. [18th Panzer Grenadier Div.] Ministry of Defense

Bruschke, Waldemar, Co. Comdr. [Volkssturm] Salesman

Burghart, Roman, Cpl. [SS Div. Nordland] Office worker

Busse, Theodor, Gen. [Ninth Army] Civil defense director

Clauss, Paul, Cpl. [SS Div. Nordland] Businessman

Cords, Helmuth, Capt., Wehrmacht [Lehrterstrasse Prison] Research director, Calif.

Dethleffsen, Erich, Gen. [OKH] Economics consultant

Draeger, Willi, District Lt. [Berlin Fire Dept.] Retired

Drost, Günter, Lt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Pharmacist

Ducke, Josef, Lt. [18th Panzer Grenadier Div.] Bank clerk

Dufving, Theodor von, Col. [56th Panzer Corps] West German Defense Dept.

Eismann, Hans Georg, Col. [Army Group Vistula] Retired

Feldheim, Willy [Hitler Youth] Importer

Fritz, Albert, Lt. [Panzer Div. Müncheberg] Accountant

Gareis, Martin, Gen. [3rd Panzer Army] Retired

Gold, Walter, Sgt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Retired

Gröll, Artur, Cpl. [Volkssturm] Shoemaker (retired)

Gross, Ernst, Sgt. [SS Div. Nordland] Electrician

Günsche, Otto, SS Col. [Führer’s Adjutant] Company director

Haaf, Oskar, Co. Comdr. [Volkssturm] Radio program director

Haas, Fritz, Cpl. [SS Div. Nordland] Wine salesman

Hagedorn, Walter, Capt. [Luftwaffe—Zoo Flak Tower] Doctor of medicine

Hagemann, Wolf, Lt. Gen. [Ninth Army] Retired

Halt, Karl Ritter von, Battalion Comdr. [Volkssturm] *

Hartmann, Rudolf, Pvt. [Volkssturm] Company manager

Heckscher, Edmund, Sgt. [Volkssturm] *

Hein, Heinrich, SS Col. [Asst. to Bormann] Retired

Hellriegel, Hermann, Pvt. [Volkssturm] Traveling salesman

Henseler, Hans, SS 2nd Lt. [SS Div. Nordland] Independent wholesaler

Hirsch, Alfred, Lt. [9th Parachute Div.] Railway station luncheonette manager

Hock, Manfred, Sgt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Retired

Höhne, Heinz, Fire Capt. [Berlin Fire Dept.] Official, Fire dept.

Illum, Gunnar, SS 2nd Lt. [SS Div. Nordland] Taxi owner

Jansen, Hans, Lt. [9th Parachute Div.] Shoe store manager

Jung, Albert, Pvt. [SS Div. Nordland] Clerk

Kempka, Erich, SS Col. [Führer’s chauffeur] Mechanic

Kirchner, Heinz, Lt. [1st Flak Div.] Church councillor

Koder, Hans, Pvt. [SS Div. Nordland] Office worker

Kratschmar, Heinz, Cadet [German Navy] Engineer

Krüger, Heinz, Comdr. [Berlin Defense Unit] Retired

Krüger, Ulrich, Hitler Youth [Berlin Defense Unit] Teacher

Krukenberg, Gustav, SS Maj. Gen. [SS Div. Charlemagne and SS Div. Nordland] Retired

Kühn, Alfred, Pvt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Retired

Kunz, Helmut, SS Col. [SS Medical Office, Berlin] Dentist

Lambracht, Erich, Lt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Retired clerk

Lampe, Albrecht, 1st Lt. [Berlin Commandant HQ] Doctor of philosophy, Director of the Berlin Municipal Archives

Lang, Hellmuth, Capt. [Army Group Vistula] Store owner

Lohmann, Hanns-Heinrich, SS Lt. Col. [SS Div. Nederland] Insurance company executive

Manteuffel, Hasso von, Gen. [3rd Panzer Army] Retired

Meissner, Max, Capt. [Ninth Army] Salesman

Muller-Hillebrand, Burkhart, Maj. Gen. [3rd Panzer Army] Lt. Gen. NATO, Paris

Niedieck, Gerda Castrup [Women’s Army—Zoo Flak Tower] Radio programming coordinator

Nolte, Wilhelm, Fire Col. [Berlin Fire Dept] Industry official

Oppeln-Bronikowski, Hermann von, Maj. Gen. [20th Panzer Div.] General (retired); estate manager

Patzer, Heinz, Sgt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Photo engraver

Pemsel, Max, Lt. Gen. [6th Mountain Div.] General (retired)

Pfoser, Alfons, 1st Lt. [SS, Battle Group Todte] *

Pienkny, Günther [Hitler Youth] Brewery employee

Pluskat, Werner, Maj. [Artillery Comdr., Magdeburg] Engineer

Refior, Hans, Col. [Berlin Commandant HQ] Director, industrial combine

Reichhelm, Günther, Col. [Twelfth Army] Company director

Rein, Hans, Lt. [9th Parachute Div.] Judge, Administrative Court

Reitsch, Hanna, Fl/Capt. [Luftwaffe] Aviation consultant

Reuss, Franz, Maj. Gen. [Luftwaffe] Business executive

Reymann, Hellmuth, Maj. Gen. [Berlin Commandant] Retired

Römling, Horst, Hitler Youth [Berlin Defense Unit] Secondhand dealer

Rose, Heinz, Maj. [Volkssturm] Retired

Schack, Friedrich August, Gen. [32nd Army Corps] Retired

Scherka, Erich, Cpl. [1st Flak Div.] House painter

Schirmer, Bruno, Police Lt. [Berlin Police Dept.] Police official

Scholles, Hans-Peter, Sgt. [SS Div. Nordland] Wine merchant

Schuhmacher, Manuel, Lt. [Ninth Army] Art photographer

Schulz, Aribert [Hitler Youth] Typesetter

Schumann, Werner, Capt. [Zoo Flak Tower] Doctor of medicine

Sixt, Friedrich, Lt. Gen. [101st Corps] Retired

Speidel, Hans, Maj. Gen. [Potsdam Military Prison] Lt. Gen., NATO

Steiner, Felix Martin, SS Gen. [Group Steiner] Retired

Strauss, Erwin, District Lt. [Berlin Fire Dept.] Retired

Strenka, Gustav, Police Supt. [Berlin Police Dept.] Retired

Thamm, Willi, Pvt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Master house painter

Timm, Walter, SS Lt. [SS Div. Nordland] Market researcher

Ulisch, Walter, Lt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Executive, health insurance office

Usberg, Otto, Sgt. [26th Panzers, 1st Army Corps] Businessman

Verleih, Max, Regt. Supply Officer [Berlin Defense Unit] Minister (retired)

Volk, Helmut, Sgt. [OKH] Employee, Berlin Senate

Voss, Peter, 1st Lt. [3rd Army Corps] Bank clerk

Wedell, Günter, 1st Lt. [Berlin Defense Unit] Doctor of medicine

Wenck, Walther, Gen. [Twelfth Army] Company director

Werner, Franz, Paymaster [Berlin Defense Unit] Retired clerk

Wetzki, Hans Joachim [Hitler Youth] Senatorial assistant

Winge, Hans-Joachim, Pvt. [SS Div. Nordland] Purchasing director

Wöhlermann, Hans Oscar, Col. [56th Panzer Corps] Retired

Wrede, Fritz, Cpl. [Wehrmacht] Retired

Wurach, Kurt, Maj. [Ninth Army] Veterinarian

Zabeltitz, Leonhardt von, Capt. [1st Flak Div.] Estate owner


Antz, Ilse [Wilmersdorf ] Director, children’s home

Apitzsch, Bertha [Schöneberg] Nurse (retired)

Batty, Marie [Pankow] Housewife, London

Baumgart, Johanna [Zehlendorf] Housewife

Bayer, Anne-Lise [Wilmersdorf] Housewife

Bethge, Eberhard [Lehrterstrasse Prison] Minister

Blank, Georg [Köpenick] Retired

Bochnik, Juliane [Reinickendorf] Actress

Boese, Helena [Wilmersdorf] Teacher

Bohg, Kurt [Lichtenberg] Assistant director, trade school

Bollensen, Lydia [Wilmersdorf] Dress designer

Bombach, Marianne Lorenz [Wilmersdorf] Housewife

Borgmann, Ruby [Charlottenburg] Housewife

Buchwald, Gerd [Reinickendorf] Director, Board of Education

Burmester, Charlotte [Schöneberg] Telephone supervisor

Sister Caspario [Wilmersdorf] Mission Sisters of the Holy Sacred Heart

Cords, Jutta Sorge [Lehrterstrasse Prison] Housewife, Calif.

Curth, Franz [Lichtenberg] Window washer

Dehn, Madeline von [Mitte] Professor of zoology

Diekermann, Ruth Piepho [Wilmersdorf] Actress

Dietrich, Willi [Mitte] Baker

Dohndorf, Emmy [Tempelhof] Retired

Durand-Wever, Anne-Marie [Schöneberg] Doctor of medicine

Eberhard, Elisabeth [Zehlendorf] Housewife

Echtmann, Fritz [Charlottenburg] Dentist

Fenzel, Klaus [Tempelhof] Archaeology student

Florie, Manfred [Reinickendorf] Typesetter

Friedrichs, Paul [Potsdam] Catholic priest

Frölich, Hans [Charlottenburg] Police commissioner

Geisler, Erika Wendt [Friedrichshain] Housewife, Conn.

Goertz, Eugen [Charlottenburg] Director, insurance company

Golz, Kurt [Tempelhof] Baker

Haller, Annemarie Hückel [Tiergarten] Graphologist

Happich, Bernhard [Zehlendorf] Priest

Harndt, Ewald [Fangschleuse] Dentist

Heck, Lutz [Tiergarten] Zoologist

Heim, Wilhelm [Tiergarten] Doctor of medicine

Heinrich, Erich [Treptow] Hospital administrator (retired)

Heinroth, Katherina [Tiergarten] Zoologist

Hellberg, Irmgard [Steglitz] Housewife

Henneberg, Amalia [Charlottenburg] Doctor of medicine

Henneberg, Georg [Charlottenburg] Vice president, West German Health Office

Hennig, Margarethe [Charlottenburg] Housewife

Hensel, Alex [Friedrichshain] Municipal employee

Hentschel, Frieda [Steglitz] Housewife

Heusermann, Käthe Reiss [Charlottenburg] Dental technician

Heydekampf, Hildegard von [Wilmersdorf] Housewife

Hofmann, Margarete [Spandau] Housewife

Hohenau, Ilona [Tempelhof] Musician

Höhn, Karl [Neukölln] Baker

Holz, Hans [Kreuzberg] Retired

Horltiz, Albert [Charlottenburg] Mayor (retired)

Hunsdörfer, B. [Wedding] Doctor of medicine

Jacobi, Gerhard [Charlottenburg] Bishop of Oldenburg

Jakubek, Erwin [Mitte] Restaurant owner

Janssen, Dora Grabo [Neukölln] Housewife

Jentgen, Lotte [Zehlendorf] Chemist

Jodl, Luise [Zehlendorf] Housewife

Johst, Elisabeth Schwarz [Tiergarten] Zoologist

Kay, Rose von Winkel [Spandau] Housewife, Yorkshire, England

Kelm, Alexander [Wilmersdorf] Engineer (retired)

Ketzler, Gertrud [Charlottenburg] Editorial secretary

Klotz, Jurgen-Erich [Tempelhof ] Book dealer

Klunge, Helga Ruske [Kreuzberg] Housewife

Koch, Jolenta [Tempelhof] Housewife

Köckler, Maria [Charlottenburg] Political society chairman

Kolb, Ingeborg [Spandau] Researcher

König, Ilse [Schöneberg] Medical laboratory technician

Korab, Alexander [Babelsberg] Newspaper correspondent

Kosney, Herbert [Lehrterstrasse Prison] Mechanic

Kosney, Kurt [Lehrterstrasse Prison] Mechanic

Köster, Ursula [Zehlendorf] Housewife

Kraemer, Franz [Wilmersdorf] Jeweler

Kraft, Fritz [Wedding] Retired city councillor

Krüger, Albert [Steglitz] Police officer

Küster, Klaus [Reinickendorf ] Musician

Lamprecht, Günther [Wilmersdorf] Doctor of medicine

Langen, Paula [Mitte] Retired

Leckscheidt, Arthur [Kreuzberg] Minister

Lévy, Hanni Weissenberg [Schöneberg] Housewife

Lietzmann, Sabina [Wilmersdorf] Journalist

Lilge, Irmgard Rosin [Wedding] Stenographer

Lipschitz, Eleanore Krüger [Lichtenberg] Doctor of political economy

Mahlke, Walter [Wilmersdorf] Retired printer

Maigatter, Elfriede Eisenbach [Kreuzberg] Housewife

Majewski, Elena Wysocki [Tiergarten] Housewife

Matzker, Alfons [Charlottenburg] Catholic priest

Menzel, Gerhard [Charlottenburg] Photographer

Meyer, Herbert [Neukölln] Telephone supervisor

Michalke, Josef [Charlottenburg] Catholic priest

Miede, Hans [Charlottenburg] Chemist

Milbrand, Elisabeth [Schöneberg] Telephone supervisor

Müller, Werner [Reinickendorf] Policeman

Naumann, Werner [Mitte] Company director

Nestriepke, Siegfried [Wilmersdorf] Retired

Neumann, Edith [Kreuzberg] Housewife

Neumann, Kurt [Wedding] Police commissioner

Panzer, Hildegard [Wilmersdorf] Radio network employee

Penns, Wilhelm [Köpenick] Section manager

Perseke, Erich [Neukölln] Retired

Pfeuti, Emma Müller [Zehlendorf] Housewife

Piotrowski, Walter [Wedding] Butcher

Poganowska, Richard [Zehlendorf] Dairy farm worker

Probst, Margarete [Kreuzberg] Homeopathic therapist

Promeist, Margarete [Tiergarten] Housewife

Radusch, Hildegard [Prieros] Civil servant (retired)

Rau, Dorothea [Tiergarten] Housewife

Ravené, Liese-Lotte [Tempelhof ] Municipal employee

Reineke, Ella [Tiergarten] Administrative assistant

Reisner, Käthe [Zehlendorf] Housewife

Reschke, Rudolf [Zehlendorf] Advertising copywriter

Richter, Charlotte [Wilmersdorf] Retired

Richter, Helene [Neukölln] Retired

Riedel, Gustav [Tiergarten] Zoologist (retired)

Rocholl, Edit [Zehlendorf] Foreign Office employee

Römling, Horst [Prenzlauer Berg] Secondhand dealer

Rosensaft, Josef [Belsen Concentration Camp] Realtor, New York

Rosenthal, Hans [Lichtenberg] Radio and television entertainer

Rosetz, Günther [Neukölln] Retired

Rühmann, Heinz [Zehlendorf] Actor

Ryneck, Erich [Pankow] Retired

Saenger, Erna [Zehlendorf] Housewife

Saenger, Ingeborg [Zehlendorf] Social worker

Sauerbruch, Margot [Mitte] Doctor of medicine

Schadrack, Else [Pankow] Administration employee

Schewe, Ida [Kreuzberg] Retired

Schirach, Henriette Hoffmann von [Munich] Housewife

Schmidt, Paul [Schöneberg] Minister

Schneidenbach, Hilde [Schöneberg] Secretary

Schoele, Gertrud Radeke [Neukölln] Administration employee

Schroeder, Helena [Schöneberg] Telephone supervisor

Schröter, Georg [Tempelhof] Writer

Schultze, Erna [Friedrichshain] Secretary

Schultze, Robert [Köpenick] Economist

Schulz, Wilhelm [Steglitz] Deputy police commissioner

Schwarz, Heinrich [Tiergarten] Retired

Schwarz, Margarete [Charlottenburg] Certified accountant

Schwerdtfeger, Albert [Lehrterstrasse Prison] Retired

Schwinski, Werner [Pankow] Textile representative

Sobek, Johannes “Hanne” [Mitte] Sports store owner

Stalla, Ursula Möhrke [Tiergarten] Clerical worker

Stammer, Gertrud [Charlottenburg] Office worker (retired)

Sternfeld, Leo [Tempelhof] Cinema owner

Thiemann, Camilla [Schöneberg] Housewife, London

Tietze, Albrecht [Wedding] Doctor of medicine

Ulrich, Gertrud [Steglitz] Housewife

Ungnad, Vera Wysocki [Tiergarten] Technical designer

Van Hoeven, Pia [Schöneberg] Actress

Vogel, Erich [Zehlendorf] Bottling plant foreman

Vollert, Else [Wilmersdorf] Retired

Wagner, Herta Alwes [Schöneberg] Housewife

Walbrecht, Gerda Carl [Tiergarten] Housewife

Wassermann, Elfriede Haubenreisser [Kreuzberg] Housewife

Weber, Brigitte [Charlottenburg] Housewife

Wehmeyer, Dorothea [Charlottenburg] Stenographer

Weigand-Schott, Inge [Charlottenburg] Actress

Weinsziehr, Stefanie [Wilmersdorf] Manager, yard goods company

Wellmann, Ruth [Charlottenburg] Housewife

Weltlinger, Margarete [Pankow] Housewife

Weltlinger, Siegmund [Pankow] Stockbroker

Wendt, Walter [Tiergarten] Retired

Winckler, Charlotte [Wilmersdorf] Housewife

Wohlgemuth, Albert [Wedding] Police commissioner

Youngday, Brigid Jungmittag [Prenzlauer Berg] Housewife, London

Zacharias, Fritz [Charlottenburg] Police commissioner

Zarzycki, Bruno [Neuenhagen-Hoppegarten] Businessman


Bourdeau, André [POW, Marienfelde camp] Railway worker, Lisieux.

Boutin, Jean [Forced laborer, Spandau] Machinist, Paris

Delaunay, Jacques [Forced laborer, Tempelhof] Architect, Evreaux

Demoulin, Clovis [POW, Klinker camp] Teacher, Boulogne-sur-Mer

De Puniet de Parry, Sophie [Forced laborer, Treptow] Writer, French West Indies

Douin, Jean [Forced laborer, Pankow] Engineer, Paris

Gasquet, Marc [Forced laborer, Marienfelde camp] Draftsman, Paris

Gouge, Robert-Albert [Forced laborer, Pankow] Salesman, Paris

Hambert, Philippe [Forced laborer, Zehlendorf] Architect, Paris

Legathière, Raymond [POW, Düppel camp] Perfume shop manager, Paris

Savary, Jacques [Forced laborer, Spandau] Engineer, Vincennes


Jeppesen, Axel B. [Embassy Chaplain, Zehlendorf] Minister, Viborg


Stoffels, E. Jan [Dutch correspondent, Mitte] Journalist, Amsterdam


Myrgren, Erik [Swedish church official, Wilmersdorf] Minister, Stockholm

Sandeberg, Edward [Swedish correspondent, Zehlendorf] Journalist, Stockholm

Westlèn, Erik [Swedish church official, Wilmersdorf] Retired, Stockholm

Wiberg, Carl Johann [Allied agent, Wilmersdorf] Manufacturer

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