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Kettenhund!: The German Military Police in the Second World War

Kettenhund!: The German Military Police in the Second World War

In almost every army in the world, the military police rank amongst those who are least liked by other soldiers despite the essential duties that they carry out, often being amongst the first in and last out in any theatre of war. In the German armed forces, opinions of the military police were those of fear and distrust, so great were the powers held by these troops. Germany created a plethora of different branches of what were termed 'Ordnungstruppe' ('Troops for Maintaining Order'). Many wore a distinctive metal plate around the neck, leading to their nickname 'Kettenhund' or 'Chain Dogs'. Despite being involved in the brutal treatment of partisans, their skills were so much appreciated by the Allies that on Germany's surrender, Wehrmacht military police units were allowed to remain in post to assist in controlling the vast number of disarmed German troops. Supplemented with previously unpublished photographs, Kettenhund! - The German Military Police in the Second World provides a detailed study of the organisation of these units and the distinctive uniforms and insignia they wore.


Chapter 1. The Feldgendarmerie

(i) Feldgendarmerie des Heeres

(ii) Feldgendarmerie der Luftwaffe

(iii) Feldgendarmerie der Waffen-SS

Chapter 2. Marineküstenpolizei

Chapter 3. Feldjägerkorps

Chapter 4. Geheime Feldpolizei

Chapter 5. Supporting Provost Branches

Chapter 6. The German Military Justice System

Chapter 7. Penal and Probationary Units

Chapter 8. Axis Military Police

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