Military history

Kent at War 1939 to 1945

Kent at War 1939 to 1945

Following on from Blitz on Kent, all aspects of life during the Second World War were experienced during in this embattled county. From the onset of the war Kent became a key part in the front line defence of Britain. Defences were built, and the Home Guard formed. With the threat of invasion receding, the county took part in the great offensive against Nazi Germany. Preparations and training took place that lead to the D-Day invasion in June 1944 and ultimate victory in 1945. This book will tell the story of the story of the County from the very beginning of the war to the end and afterwards, both from civil and military perspectives. Subjects covered are: Invasion defences, Home Guard, Dunkirk, life during wartime, D-Day, German Prisoners of War, the Americans in Kent, The Royal Navy, people and life during wartime, The RAF, soldiers in Kent - regiments, training, individual studies, the military on the move: Bren Carriers, Churchill tanks, Covenanter tanks, artillery, Matilda tanks, Valentine tanks, motor bikes, lorries, lease-lend Vehicles, weapons, women in wartime Kent, VE Day and post-war Kent - the legacy of the war.

Chapter 1. The Early Years

Chapter 2. The Kent Home Guard

Chapter 3. Life During Wartime

Chapter 4. Soldiers in Kent

Chapter 5. Military Vehicles in Kent During World War Two

Chapter 6. VIP Visitors to Kent in Wartime

Chapter 7. The War at Sea

Chapter 8. Women at War in Kent

Chapter 9. D-Day and Kent

Chapter 10. The End of the War