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German Destroyers of World War II

German Destroyers of World War II

Restricted by the 1919 Versailles Treaty to sixteen destroyers of no more than 800-tons, Germany's true destroyers did not make their appearance until the mid-1930s and the Anglo-German Naval Treaty. This new English translation of a volume by noted German warship historians Gerhard Koop and Klaus-Peter Schmolke examines the destroyer's development from the nascent Mowe-class and Wolf-class destroyers through its full-service history. The operational narrative of this dauntless class of warship, considered the workhorse of the Kriegsmarine, is supplemented by war diary extracts, combat reports, technical tables, detailed ship plans, and a comprehensive selection of photographs, many published in an English reference for the first time. The book makes a fine addition to the history of German warships of the World War II era.


Technical Data

Differences, Modifications, Conversions

Chapter 1. Armament

Chapter 2. Machinery

Chapter 3. Flotillas, Flotilla Commanders and the Führer der Zerstörer

Chapter 4. The Second World War

Chapter 5. Individual Ships’ Careers

Photo Gallery: The Zerstörer

Photo Gallery: Requisitioned Destroyers

Photo Gallery: Zerstörer Life

Camouflage Schemes