Military history

Caesar's Legion: The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's Elite Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome

Caesar's Legion: The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's Elite Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome

A unique and splendidly researched story, following the trials and triumphs of Julius Caesar's Legio X-arguably the most famous legion of its day-from its activation to the slogging battle of Munda and from Thapsus, Caesar's tactical masterpiece, to the grim siege of the Jewish fortress of Masada. More than a mere unit account, it incorporates the history of Rome and the Roman army at the height of their power and gory glory. Many military historians consider Caesar's legions the world's most efficient infantry before the arrival of gunpowder. This book shows why. Written in readable, popular style, Caesar's Legion is a must for military buffs and anyone interested in Roman history at a critical point in European civilization.
—T. R. Fehrenbach, author of This Kind of War, Lone Star, and Comanches

Stephen Dando-Collins paints a vivid and definitive portrait of daily life in the Tenth Legion as he follows Caesar and his men along the blood-soaked fringes of the Empire. This unprecedented regimental history reveals countless previously unknown details about Roman military practices, Caesar's conduct as a commander and his relationships with officers and legionaries, and the daily routine and discipline of the Legion. From penetrating insights into the mind of history's greatest general to a grunt's-eye view of the gruesome realities of war in the Classical Age, this unique and riveting true account sets a new standard of exellence and detail to which all authors of ancient military history will now aspire.


Chapter 1. Staring Defeat in the Face

Chapter 2. Impatient for Glory

Chapter 3. Savaging the Swiss, Overrunning the Germans

Chapter 4. Conquering Gaul

Chapter 5. Invading Britain

Chapter 6. Revolt and Revenge

Chapter 7. Enemy of the State

Chapter 8. Broken Promises

Chapter 9. The Race for Durrës

Chapter 10. A Taste of Defeat

Chapter 11. The Battle of Pharsalus

Chapter 12. The Sour Taste of Victory

Chapter 13. The Murder of Pompey the Great

Chapter 14. The Power of a Single Word

Chapter 15. The North African Campaign

Chapter 16. Caesar’s Last Battle

Chapter 17. Mark Antony’s Men

Chapter 18. Philippi and Actium

Chapter 19. In the Name of the Emperor

Chapter 20. Knocked into Shape by Corbulo

Chapter 21. Orders from the Emperor

Chapter 22. Objective Jerusalem

Chapter 23. The End of the Holy City

Chapter 24. Masada

Chapter 25. Last Days

APPENDIX A: The Legions of Rome, 30 B.C.–A.D.

APPENDIX B: The Reenlistment Factor

APPENDIX C: The Uniqueness of the Legion Commands in Egypt and Judea

APPENDIX D: The Naming and Numbering System of the Roman Legions

APPENDIX E: The Title “Fretensis”

APPENDIX F: Imperial Roman Military Ranks and Their Modern-Day Equivalents