The internet is indispensable for information on the constant mutations of contemporary terrorism. The Washington DC-based website brings expert perspectives to bear on global terrorist issues, especially the contributions of Douglas Farah, Evan Kohlmann and Walid Phares. It monitors trials as well as police and military counter-measures., the Site Institute website and West Point’s Counter-Terrorism Center are all of equal merit, especially since the CTC website has useful documents captured from Al Qaeda in a section entitled the Harmony Project. A commercial site called also has much information, primarily designed for corporations. Among US media, the Atlantic Monthly, Foreign Affairs, the New Yorker, Timeand especially the Wall Street Journal have exemplary commentary and reporting on many of the areas discussed in the last half of this book, as do the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Observer, The Times and the Sunday Times in the UK. Since a new book on terrorism is published every nine hours, the following list will necessarily be even more incomplete by the time readers get up in the morning than it was before they went to bed the night before.

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