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Berlin: Victory in Europe

Berlin: Victory in Europe

In April and May 1945 the city of Berlin was the site of the final destructive act of the Second World War in Europe. The German capital became a battleground. After three weeks of ruthless fighting against a desperate, sometimes suicidal, defense, the Red Army took the city and crushed the last remaining German armies in the East. This momentous battle and the elaborate preparations for it were recorded in graphic detail by photographers whose images have come down to us today. These images, which give us an unforgettable glimpse into the grim reality of mid-twentieth-century warfare.

Using a rich selection of rare photographs from the Russian archives as well as images from German sources, most of which have not been published before, he traces the course of the entire campaign. The battles fought in East Prussia, eastern Germany and Hungary – in particular the assault on Budapest – are covered. But the body of his book is devoted to the battle for Berlin itself - the monstrous onslaught launched by Zhukov’s armies on the Seelow Heights, the bitter street fighting through the suburbs, then the ultimate confrontation, the merciless room-by-room struggle for the center of the city and the Reichstag.


Chapter 1. Into the Reich

Chapter 2. The Vistula–Oder Operation

Chapter 3. Stabilisation

Chapter 4. The Noose Tightens

Chapter 5. Across the Oder–Neisse Line

Chapter 6. Fortress Berlin – Encirclement

Chapter 7. Fortress Berlin – Fantasy Armies

Chapter 8. Fortress Berlin – Collapse

Chapter 9. Surrender